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GAZA CITY, GAZA: Palestinian children play on colourful steps at Marine Park on a beach. A local artist painted the area in the hope of brightening up the city.

AKSARAY, TURKEY: Flamingos are seen at the Salt Lake in Aksaray, The Lake turns red at this time of year due to the abundance of a type of algae.

TEHRAN, IRAN: Iranians celebrate the nuclear deal struck between their government and the P5+1 world powers. The agreement will bring to an end the decades long sanctions which have been imposed on the oil rich state.

KHAN YOUNIS, GAZA: Palestinians, whose house was destroyed during Israel’s 51-day offensive on the Strip, make traditional date cakes inside their makeshift shelters.

SANAA, YEMEN: Yemenis go shopping to purchase products for Eid Al-Fitr in the Shoub Bazaar.

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