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De Mistura: There is no consensus on how to move forward in Syria

United Nations Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura said yesterday that "there is still no consensus on the way forward on the Communique or yet a formalised negotiation" between warring Syrian factions.

"While common ground exists, the questions over devolution of executive authority to a transitional body, let's be honest with ourselves, remains the most polarised element of the Communique," de Mistura said in his testimony before the UN Security Council session.

De Mistura warned that the situation in Syria must not continue in its deterioration.

The UN mediator proposed inviting warring parties to take part in four UN-led working groups on how to implement a road map to peace, since the groups were not ready to hold formal peace talks.

In a statement before the council, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: "After more than four years of slaughter, the Syrian conflict is a shameful symbol of the international community's divisions and failure."

Ban expressed deep disappointment following the failure to implement Security Council resolutions regarding the Syrian crisis, stressing that Syria has become "the largest humanitarian crisis in the world".

"At least a quarter-million Syrians have been killed. Almost half the country's people – 12 million men, women and children – have been forced to flee their homes," he said.

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