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Ibrahim Munir denies reports he is now Brotherhood's Supreme Guide

August 10, 2015 at 11:18 am

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Ibrahim Munir denied reports published in Egyptian and Arab newspapers yesterday alleging that he was chosen as the group’s deputy supreme guide and acting supreme guide.

In a statement, Munir, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s International Guidance Bureau, said: “I stress that Dr Mahmoud Ezzat is still the deputy supreme guide and acting supreme guide. With regards my being assigned the duties of the deputy supreme guide, I had been tasked with this some time ago and it is not new.”

The senior Brotherhood member, who lives in London, called on the media to pursue “accuracy with regards to the Muslim Brotherhood’s issues and news,” noting that the movement faces accusations over a crisis that is “not about the movement only but about the Egyptian state and all its components.”

Egyptian newspapers and websites reported that, in the past hours, the General Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood made changes in its organisational structure, assigning Munir to take the responsibilities of acting general guide, replacing Mahmoud Ezzat, the deputy general guide, who has not made a public appearance since the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

The reports added that the head of the group’s administrative office abroad, Ahmed Abdel Rahman, was made deputy supreme guide.