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Israelis uproot trees to build Apartheid Wall

Israeli security forces started uprooting trees on Monday morning in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Beit Jala in Bethlehem, Quds Press has reported.

According to the Director of the local municipality, Nadeem Al-Na'san, a number of bulldozers were being used to uproot olive trees in the Beir Ona district and prepare the ground for an extension of the Apartheid ("Separation") Wall. Beir Ona is an archaeological site, he pointed out, and razing it to build the Wall means splitting the Cremisan Valley Monastery into two.

The Israeli Supreme Court overturned a previous decision to halt the construction of the Wall in the Cremisan Valley and its surroundings. It issued a decree in July giving the occupation forces the green light to proceed with building the Wall in the valley.

Building this part of the Wall, said Al-Na'san, completely separates the Palestinian farmers from their farms, which are intended by the Israelis to be on the other side of the concrete structure.

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