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Corbyn is ‘national security threat’, says UK PM

British Prime Minister David Cameron has called the opposition Labour Party a “threat” to the country’s national security after it elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

Britain’s opposition Labour Party took a decisive move towards the left on Saturday by electing a Jeremy Corbyn, who has never previously held a role in government.

The U.K. prime minister wrote in a tweet on Sunday morning: “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.”

It follows a speech by Cameron on Friday– before the result was declared – where he said he had been watching the Labour leadership election with “some bewilderment”.

He said Corbyn’s views on nuclear disarmament and his opposition to conducting airstrikes against Daesh targets in Syria, along with his promises of higher spending and additional taxes, meant that Labour had “completely vacated the intellectual playing field”.

Cameron nonetheless telephoned Corbyn on Saturday afternoon to congratulate him on his victory.

The new Labour leader is expected to make his first major parliamentary appearance on Wednesday at the weekly Prime Minister’s Question Time. But Corbyn is understood to want to change the format of the session, which is often punctuated by roars and jeers from lawmakers of all parties.

“I want Prime Minister’s Question Time to be less theatre, more fact, less theatrical, more understandable. I think it’s very exciting for political obsessives, it’s utterly boring for most of the population, who think it’s an utter irrelevance,” he told The Huffington Post website after his victory.

In an email sent to party members hours after his victory, Corbyn asked for suggested questions to put to Cameron at Wednesday’s session.

“When I stand at the dispatch box for Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, I want to be your voice,” he said in the message.

Jeremy Corbyn received 59.5 percent of the votes cast by party members and supporters to become the new Labour Party leader Saturday

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