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UN to raise Palestinian flag today

The Palestinian flag is to be raised for the first time at the UN headquarters in New York later today in what is being described as a the “most emotional and proud day”.

The controversial move comes following a UN vote earlier this month to allow the flags of both Palestine and Vatican City to be raised. The US, Israel, Canada and five other countries voted against the motion.

The sense of pride among the Palestinian people was overwhelming the day the world voted in favour of this landmark initiative," Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas wrote in the Huffington Post on yesterday.

"I am certain that the day our flag rises among the flags of the community of nations will also be a most emotional and proud day."

“As the UN this year marks its 70th anniversary, its longest-standing, unresolved issue is the question of Palestine. For more than 68 years, my people have been denied their rights and denied freedom,” he continued.

The Palestinian leader added: “While the Israeli government pays lip service to the two-state solution internationally, domestically it employs policies aimed at destroying what's left of Palestine.”

“Israel demolishes our homes, swallows up our land and works at breaking the spirit and will of our people.”

Israel's UN representative Ron Prosor said raising the Palestinian flag was a "blatant attempt to hijack the UN".

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