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The Drone Eats With Me

Book Author(s) :
Atef Abu Saif
Published Date :
July 2015
Publisher :
Comma Press Ltd
Paperback :
224 pages
ISBN-13 :
Review by :
Emmanuela Eposti

In the foreword to Atef Abu Saif’s diaries chronicling the 51-day Israeli incursion in Gaza during the summer of 2014, Noam Chomsky writes that “descriptive and analytical prose is too cold, too remote from the human tragedy that is depicted [here]… Further explanation seems only to sully what Atef Abu Saif conveys with such simple dignity and eloquence.” Indeed, a similar conundrum faces the reviewer, forced to deliver a verdict on the pages beneath your fingertips, weighing up the prose, the imagery, the use of realism, before making the final judgement.

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