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Sudan: Egyptian violations against Sudanese citizens ‘unacceptable’

The senior leader of the Sudanese National Congress Party, Radie Abdul-Ati, has reiterated the fact that bilateral relations between Sudan and Egypt are “stable” despite news regarding the killing and torturing of Sudanese citizens in Egypt, Felesteen newspaper reported yesterday.

“There is no crisis with Egypt and contacts are continuous,” Abdul-Ati said, “the elations overcome a lot of obstacles, but the news about the arrest and torture [of Sudanese citizens] in Egypt is unacceptable.”

Khartoum recently criticised Cairo over its “harsh” treatment of Sudanese citizens in the wake of Egyptian police killing 15 Sudanese citizens allegedly attempting to infiltrate the Egyptian-Gaza border.

Last Wednesday, the Sudanese embassy in Cairo handed over a protest message asking Egypt to refrain from “violations against its citizens” and called for investigation into these violations.

The message also condemned the Egyptian arrest and torture of a number of Sudanese citizens over alleged charges of money laundering.

Earlier to these developments, Egyptian police in Abdin Police Station in Cairo arrested and tortured a Sudanese citizen. The Egyptian foreign ministry asked the interior ministry to investigate the incident.

The spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Abu-Zaid, said that his ministry is doing its best to protect Sudanese citizens in Egypt.

Abdul-Ati stressed that his country has no hostile attitudes towards Egypt regarding the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is considered an issue of national security by Cairo.

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