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Libyan official: Daesh trying to expand towards Ajdabiya

A Libyan official from the country’s internationally recognised government said on Monday that Daesh is trying to expand towards the eastern city of Ajdabiya, noting that his administration’s forces are trying to deter it, Alkhaleejonline.com reported yesterday.

Ajdabiya is located between the city of Sirte and Benghazi. Sirte has been under Daesh control since June and Benghazi has been the scene of clashes between the official Libyan forces and the defected government, which is internationally recognised.

Speaking to AFP, a senior military official said that his forces have hit Daesh positions heading eastward from their stronghold in Sirte towards Ajdabiya. Among the positions, the official said, was a “house in an industrial area south of Ajdabiya where jihadists were meeting”.

He added that the attack was part of a campaign aiming to prevent Daesh from capturing the city.

Sources reported that Ajdabiya was targeted 37 times, mainly for the assassinations of military officials.

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