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Blind Gazan sees no limit in sight

In spite of being blind, Raed Al-Reefi’s disability has not stopped him from continuing to make a living through car repairs. Al-Reefi suffered a stroke to his eye.

The 37-year-old, who supports his family of six, told MEMO that he returned to work after losing his eyesight, as he did not lose his insight and continued working at his repair shop.

Two workers help Al-Reefi by completing the melding and cutting the iron. However he is still able to fix the bodies of cars.

Losing his eyesight has made completing his job more difficult as auto body repairs are very specific and sometimes boil down to just a few millimetres. His disability does however cause his work to take days longer than it did before.

Raed has tried to seek treatment in a number of other countries, and despite the high costs, he is still hopeful that he will see the light of day once again and be able to continue his work, see his children and go on with his life normally.

Images by MEMO photographer Mohammed Asad.

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