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UN calls for immediate halt of destruction of Palestinian homes

UN Coordinator for Development and Humanitarian Activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Robert Piper yesterday called for Israel to “stop destroying Palestinian property in the West Bank and respect international law,” the Anadolu Agency reported.

In a written press release, Piper described the Israeli demolition of Palestinian properties over the last two weeks as “extremely worrying”.

He said that more than 400 Palestinians had been displaced since the start of 2016. This number is similar to the number of all the Palestinians displaced during 2015.

“The Israeli forces destroyed, dismantled and confiscated 283 houses and other facilities between January 1 and February 15. This led to the displacement of 404 Palestinians, including 219 children.”

Most of the homes were located in Area C, which is under the full control of Israeli authorities, he explained, adding that most of the demolitions were carried out based on the “legally false” reasons that “the Palestinians do not have construction licenses.” He noted that the UN Secretary-General had described the Israeli construction policy in West Bank as “racist”.

“International law is clear,” Piper said, “it gives the Palestinians the right to have appropriate houses and get humanitarian aid. Israel, as the occupying power, is obligated to respect this right.”

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