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Alternative activism with Palestine Remix

Middle East Monitor yesterday hosted an event with Palestine Remix to shed light on the pro-Palestine activism in the age of instantaneous information and technology. Speakers introduced the project and its main feature, which is to take snippets out of already made documentaries, for users to highlight certain aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which are made and shared for educational purposes.

Senior Al Jazeera producer Rawan Damen emphasised the need for activism to keep up with technological trends. In this day and age, more people are looking to visual aids for quick information and for analysis that is simple and gets to the point, she explained. The sources for pro-Palestine academics, journalists and activists have accumulated in many different languages and are vast, but the step that needs to be taken is to simplify and condense these sources in a quick and easy package for people to understand the realities Palestinians face.

Managing Director of Ashley Public Relations, Sue Wolstenholme spoke of the need for organised PR campaigns that not only keep up with technological trends, but do so in an effective and convincing manner.

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International perspectives on apartheid and decolonization in Palestine
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