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US called upon to save Iraqis from Iranian domination

A video claiming to be of Saddam Hussein's former deputy president has been released, in which Izzat Al-Douri apparently blames Iran for the ongoing instability in Iraq. He is seen calling upon the United States to save Iraqis from Iranian domination, Al-sharq.com reported on Friday.

Al-Douri was one of the most prominent figures in the Saddam regime and went into hiding in 2003. On 17 April last year, he was said to have been killed in clashes near Tikrit, but this was never verified.

In the video, the person identified as Al-Douri said that the United States would be blamed if it fails to save the Iraqis from the Iranian aggression. He stressed that the US "has to move to stop the bloodshed, burning, destruction and demographic change" in his country.

The film was broadcast by the pro-Saudi television station Al-Arabia. Saddam's ex-henchman called for the "knights of resistance" in Iraq and the other Arab countries to escalate their efforts in the fight against Iran under the flag of the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Turning to the situation in Yemen, Al-Douri said that there are only two ways to deal with the issue: "Obliging Iran and its collaborators to commit to the resolutions of the Security Council and the recommendations of the national dialogue sponsored by the Gulf Cooperation Council or escalating against Iran's collaborators."

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