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Swiss efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation

Switzerland is working to resolve outstanding issues ahead of reaching internal Palestinian reconciliation, QudsNet reported member of the Fatah Executive Committee Azzam Al-Ahmad saying yesterday.

"Switzerland is moving to solve a number of problems such as the issue of Gaza employees," Al-Ahmad told Palestine Voice radio. "Some other EU countries are taking part in the efforts."

Al-Ahmad also announced a meeting in Geneva that Russia, the United States and other European countries are taking part in it, aiming to help the Palestinian Authority (PA) reinforce a united political programme through solving the outstanding issues in order to prepare for holding a successful peace conference.

He also noted that the international meeting in Geneva has nothing to do with the efforts being exerted for reaching reconciliation, stressing it is to discuss other issues including the employees and financial support.

Regarding the Doha meetings, Al-Ahmad said that no date has been set for the upcoming meeting, denying what is being reported by the media about an eminent meeting.

He noted that the upcoming meeting with Hamas would be the last and final, hoping that all obstacles ahead of the reconciliation be removed and a real will to achieve it exist.

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