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Abu-Marzouk: Gaza port, airport not a Hamas invention

Hamas did not suggest having a sea port and airport in Gaza, the foundations for them were laid prior to the occupation, the deputy leader of Hamas said yesterday.

Mousa Abu-Marzouk said Gaza had an airport before Israel destroyed it to punish the Palestinian people, while the port had its foundations laid.

Abu-Marzouk said Hamas does not want to establish an independent entity in the Gaza Strip and insists on reconciliation, denying claims that the airport and seaport are tools to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank.

"You cannot impose geographical unity between the West Bank and Gaza through the blockade of Gaza Strip, and preventing its people from traveling and communicating with the outside world," he said.

"Also we cannot achieve unity between Gaza and the West Bank through punitive policies and sinking its people in unemployment, lack of electricity and staff salaries," he added.

Abu-Marzouk said he was surprised by members of Fatah who refuse the idea ofbuilding an airport and a seaport in Gaza, saying: "If the same idea was proposed by Fatah, it becomes a national demand, and if others proposed it, it becomes suspicious."

Earlier, member of Fatah Central Committee Azzam Al-Ahmed vowed to thwart the establishment of a seaport in Gaza saying it would harm relations with Cyprus.

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