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Deposed Mubarak lives luxurious life in military hospital

Deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for three decades, lives a luxurious life in Al-Maadi Military Hospital in Cairo, the New York Times revealed.

"At the Cairo hospital he calls home, he enjoys regular deliveries of flowers, newspapers and takeout restaurant meals; visits from his wife, two sons and grandchildren; and a sweeping view over the Nile," the US newspaper said.

It also mentioned that his supporters celebrated his 88th birthday as they "gathered at the hospital gates and sang, danced and waved his portrait" and he "pulled open a window and waved back".

In May 2015, a judge said that he had completed his prison term for corruption. However, the newspaper said that while he is "technically" a free man, he is confined to the hospital while many of his former allies, who grew rich during his rule, "are quietly cutting deals with the government to overturn their own convictions".

Mubarak's friends, according to the New York Times, "explain the situation as a delicate deal between him and Egypt's powerful military".

"They say the military has been generally lenient toward Mubarak-era figures since President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi took power in 2013, but wants to avoid the likely outcry that would accompany Mr Mubarak's release," it reported.

"So the two sides have reached a compromise: Mr Mubarak agrees to stay in the hospital for now, and the government agrees that his two sons, Alaa, a businessman, and Gamal, once seen as his political heir, will remain free. Both were released from jail last year."

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