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British-Palestinian child wins award for retelling Nakba story

Leanne Mohamad
Leanne Mohamad from Wanstead High School, London [Studiobase Photography /]

British-Palestinian Leanne Mohamad has won a 2015-16 Speak Out Regional Challenge held in London following a moving speech about the Nakba and its effects on Palestinian society. She will now be progressing on to the national finals.

Leanne, from Al-Burj Al-Shamali refugee camp in Lebanon, is a student at Wanstead High School in London. She joined the Speak Out Challenge giving a speech entitled “Birds not Bombs”.

In it Leanne spoke about the suffering of the Palestinian refugees since 1948 and how even children are discriminated against because of their nationality.

She also spoke about the continuous Israeli assaults and violations against the Palestinian people, as well as the threat of bombing.

Leanne gave an example of a one-year-old baby, who had cancer and died because he could not receive proper treatment due to travel restrictions imposed by the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian girl also criticised those who describe people as terrorists because their own religions, saying that people should not be discriminated against due to their culture, origin or religion.

Jack Petchey and the Speak Out Challenge’s organisers have now expelled Leanne Muhammed from the competition. Read about it here.

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  • janis hetherington
    • Alliwoo

      I can not imagine how hard it must be to have to struggle on with a life threatening illness under the fascist rule of the Zionists! Living in a giant concentration camp overlooked by trigger happy Zionist snipers.

      • alexandre1

        Except that it is well known that even Hamas wounded get treated (well) in Israeli hospitals, along with Hizbollah fighters from the Syrian war and many others. But don’t let awkward facts get in the way of your hatred, which gives you a sense of meaning

      • Lee Francis

        There you go again Allinoon, just repeating what someone has told you. The ‘concentration camp’, I assume you mean Gaza. As a very clever person please answer me this one question. In 2005 Gaza was cleared of ALL Jews, ALL the crossings were open, ALL schools, farms, houses, etc were left intact. Water, gas, electricity was supplied from Israel and plenty of money was given to Gaza by EEC, UN etc. After ONE month the first rocket was fired FROM Gaza to be followed by a further 16000 in total by 2011. WHY?? I await your sensible reply.

  • Alliwoo

    This amazing young woman has shared her experience and the experience of her people at the hands of the Apartheid israelis… her honesty and courage goes a long way to address the 68 years of oppression suffered by Palestinians in the Fascist Zionist controlled Ghetto of Gaza, Apartheid israel and the occupied territories of Palestine.

    • alexandre1

      You seem unaware that Gaza was under Egyptian control from 1948 to 1967. But again, don’t let facts get in the way of your emotionally satisfying hatred.

      • Alliwoo

        Alexander please don’t repeat your hasbara here. Since 1948 the country of Palestine has been occupied by Zionists, Palestine all of it had belonged to the Palestinians after 1948 and the slaughter of indigenous Christian and Muslim Palestinians and the exile of those that lived the country was colonized by Zionists…. I suggest you watch any of the hundreds of educational, youtube and mainstream media documentaries

        • Lee Francis

          Sorry Ali, but Egypt and Jordan occupied Palestine and never a hint of a STATE for the Palestinians. As you must already know the idea of a ‘Palestinian NATION’ was the brainchild of Yasser in 1965 but of course you knew that. Why not visit the Museum of London or The London Library and educate yourself as to what REALLY happened. Oh, yes these institutions are not run, controlled or financed by Jews as against other prestigious Universities who are financed by Saudi and other Muslim States.

        • alexandre1
      • rosemerry

        You think that was all right? Egypt has supported Israel’s cruelty for decades.

        • alexandre1

          Gaza was part of Egypt from 1948 to 1967, just as the West Bank was part of Jordan in the same period. Look on a map of the period, if you don’t believe me. They were not doing it for Israel – this was the period of their active military conflict with Israel. My point was that people posting on here, such as Aliwoo, don’t even know basic facts and dates about the region. As for you, don’t even understand the difference between a factual point and a moral comment.

    • Lee Francis

      She also forgot to mention the 5 wars that the Arab/Muslim Armies fought in order to ‘drive the Jews into the sea’.

  • Emma Pamley-Liddell

    What an amazing and brave young woman! Well done Leanne 🙂

    • Deanna B.

      lol! “Brave” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      • Emma Pamley-Liddell

        OH well come on then ‘Deanna’. Educate me. What does brave actually mean then?

  • BDSJustice

    Speakers Trust have removed Leanne’s speech from their YouTube channel. You can now watch it here:

    They capitulated to Zionist bullying (see story here

    • Deanna B.

      Looks like a copyright violation. Would be an awful shame if someone were to sue.

      • Alliwoo

        Sue and be damned, I can tell you now that story of the Nakba is in the public realm along with this girls story, along with the murders of hundreds of thousands Christian and Muslim Arabs, most importantly of all we can now read about the Zionist pact with Hitler in 1933 that led to the millions for Jewish deaths in the Holocaust. Your days are numbered Hasbara, you and your fascist cult are destroying yourselves from within… it is not hard to expose your lies from without. here is a real Jewish rabbi talking about the cult of Zionism.

        • Deanna B.

          In regard to copyright, the “story of Nakba” is not the issue. The specific videographic recording of this public performance is the issue. The latter is a copyrighted work and you appear to have infringed that copyright. But I’m sure that no one will report you. 🙂

    • walt kovacs

      nope. she was removed from the competition because the speech broke the rules
      it never should have been entered, let alone won the regional

      • Gareth Smith

        Nope! The “rules” you refer to are only used in training and do not constitute actual speech criteria according to CEO Julie Holness.

  • Lee Francis

    She is a liar! because Israel daily allows sick people from Gaza to be treated in Israeli hospitals. I can supply you with lists of non- Israelis who have been treated in Israeli hospitals. I bet she forgot to mention that in 1946 the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem issued a Fatwah stating’ ‘any Arab/Muslim who remain in the areas proposed for Jews will be treated as Jews and killed by the invading Arab Armies’. That was the reason the Palestinians fled from Palestine. Until 70 AD Palestine was named JudahSamaria and was the country of the Jews but was renamed Palestina after the Roman occupation when the majority of Jews were killed.

  • Deanna B.

    It’s so unfair! Why can’t Israel just lose one of these wars and allow itself to be destroyed? And why do they have to put these security measures in place? So what if a bunch of people are trying to stab them and blow up pizzerias? No pizzerias would be blown up if Israel just would have agreed to be destroyed. So unreasonable! Can’t they see that they are upsetting our darling, precious Leanne?

  • Lee Francis

    Yasser Arafat, Abbas were both offered 95% including East Jerusalem of what they asked for but it was refused. Why? because Arafat gave the real clue when he said to Clinton ‘my religion forbids it”. The Koran states ‘once land is occupied by Muslims it becomes FOREVER Islamic land’. One can now realise that they use excuses like the Settlements and Jerusalem as the reason for not accepting peace with Israel.

  • Hugo Castro

    Great speech! Support Palestine!