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Under Israeli pressure, Facebook and Twitter delete large amounts of Palestinian content

Ayelet Shaked
Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked. [File photo]

Facebook and Twitter have recently deleted thousands of posts, pages and accounts in response to demands from the Israeli ministry of justice, Quds Press reported on Wednesday.

“We succeeded to achieve our goals as around 70 per cent of our demands [to delete Facebook and Twitter content] were fulfilled,” Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked said, according to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

She also added: “We succeeded to delete incitement contents calling for death and violence across the internet.”

During a meeting she held to discuss “fighting incitement and shameful content on social media” three-days ago, Shaked reiterated Israel’s “cooperation with Facebook, Twitter and google regarding the violent electronic Palestinian incitement”.

Shaked claimed that when internet incitement decreased, the attacks on Israelis decreased.

“This proves that there is a direct relationship between internet incitement and violence in Israel,” she said.

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  • pacman925

    How about all of the Israel LIE’s for decades of killing, stealing, bribing, blackmailing, murdering, taking Palestine land, displacing them, & biggest of all……….Lying to world media ??? Why does the media never call them the Bolshevik Jew’s (by the slaughter of 65 million White Russian Christians) ???

  • sai

    She’s surely right. It’s obvious that the internet’s the problem. I mean, what else could it be!

    • Heidi Rechteger

      Of course it’s worse. That’s why Palestinians serve in the Israeli Parliament. And vote. And serve on the Supreme court. And there are no ‘Jews only’ public facilities. All beaches, parks, etc, are open to all. And why, in a beauty contest, a Palestinian woman won for Miss Israel. But, right, Israel is worse.

  • Taylor Garrett

    It’s unbelievable the world is sitting literally watching izrahell kill and steal and destroy cultures, families, livelihoods all because they WANT to be chosen. These people whether in izrahell or the United States are terrorists! They’ve not succeeded. There is a reckoning coming. You lie on top of lie about your history and murder in cold blood than, harvest the organs of your victims and blame them for it. WOW. Not to mention the racism and apartheid against Blacks in the US spear-headed centuries ago by jews.

    • Jacob Stewart
    • Heidi Rechteger

      Right. That’s why Jews, more than any other white ethnic group, participated in and supported the civil rights movement. And marched with Dr. King in Selma. And why they were co-founders of the NAACP. Ever heard of Schwener, Chaney and Goodman? Two of them were Jews. But you just go along in your ignorant Jew-hating bubble.

      • sweetrenegade

        fallacies and denial… end the illegal occupation

      • Taylor Garrett

        jews didn’t support anything. They infiltrated and insidiously divided with smiles and countenances of feigned sympathy. We can all see the blood shed in Palestine and Libya and Ethiopia and here in the USA. They want to seem as if they have diversity so they may support human rights, animal rights, even gay rights but it’s what they do behind closed doors that we’re seeing now. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      • James Roberts

        I suggest you look into NKUSA, Jews for Peace, Jews against zionism,Breaking The Silence, to name but a few. Time you realised that zionism has hijacked Judaism to excuse its own filth and crimes. 500 UN resolutions, named by the UN as the world’s worst abuser of human rights, illegally imrisoning thousands of children in direct violation of EVERY convention on the rights of the child, illegally using collective punishment, using chemical waepons on children in violation of the Geneva convention. Time that real Jews were given a platform, but since real Jews work for a living, and are almost entirely non materialistic they do not have the funding to buy global mainstream air time purchased with money stolen world wide from their disgusting usuary.

        • Reid Iford

          You have absolutely nailed it, James. Just as there was a HUGE difference between Germans and Nazis, so too exists all the difference in the world between Jews and Zionists. Everything about Zionism is a lie.

          For starters, even the term “antisemitism” is a lie. They are not semites. The Palestinians are semites. They are white Euopeans, Ashlkenazies who converted to Judaism in the 7th Century and have NO historical ties to the Middle East.

          They have fabricated a completely false history about themselves and Palestine which attempts perhaps the most bizarre and extreme genocide in human history. Not only to ethnically cleanse the region of its rightful inhabitants, but to erase them from history – to create a false history where Palestinians never existed.

          “Israel” was never a “homeland for the Jews.” This is their greatest lie. The formation of this “thing” was a fascist colonial land grab by Europeans. “Israel” is a a homeland for Ashkenazi Jews, using Judaism as a mask for their evil.

          Judaism and Zionism cannot coexist. One will destroy the other. Ashkenazis will never give up what they have stolen, and will never stop murdering and stealing. They lack a moral compass, almost as if along with their high IQs sociopathy and psychopathy are a shared genetic trait.

          There is one thing they fear, and they tremble in terror at the meere mention of it, the reason they are so desperate to silence critics. It is the one thing that stops them in their tracks and will someday force them to stop their murderous rampage and give back all they have stolen.

          THE TRUTH

    • sai

      You got it..

  • Hannah Corrigan

    Meanwhile Zionist and Jewish pages openly calling for ‘ death to all arabs’ inciting murder on an individual and collective scale along with videos of IDF troops celebrating murder all continue to have free reign and are not removed or censored. This obviously isnt
    about hate crimes or incitment it is about censorship…evidence FB and Twitter are aiding and abetting Israel to take its apartheid
    global….absolutely digusted….wrong side of history,,,very nasty next level crap. #BDS

  • This is the same woman, Ayelet Shaked who announced that she wanted to kill not only Palestinian children, whom she called “little snakes,” but also the Palestinian mothers who raise them. Recently Shaked openly called for the genocidal murder of every Palestinian. Instead of being sent to the Hague, prosecuted, ejected from government, or even rebuked, she was lionized by Israeli society.
    Ayelet Shaked took office as Israel’s Justice Minister (sic) on 14 May 2015.

  • Radio Interview from @CBCSunday:

    CBC Sunday interviews Dana Golan. She’s a former veteran of the Israel Defense
    Forces (IDF). In her new book, she interviews 950+ disillusioned Israeli
    ex-soldiers who dare to speak openly re Israel apartheid and Israeli Jews
    illegally occupying Palestinian land.

    950+ former Israeli IDF soldiers reveal truths about
    Israel’s institutionalized practices of intimidation and brutality towards
    Palestinians in the occupied territories, including night raids and arbitrary
    arrests unrelated to security, the use of human shields, etc.

    25 min. audio interview


    • Reid Iford

      is a sad commentary indeed that it is “noble” for an
      “Israeli” to not be a sociopath. In the civilized world this is the
      norm, not the exception. Pity the poor People of Palestine, who have suffered
      70 years of murder and torture at the hands of these psychopathic monsters.
      Palestine must be freed, and the Israeli Jews returned to Europe and New York

  • May I recommend this movie? It was presented at the Oscars in the
    category I believe of best foreign film:

    Movie “The Gatekeepers” is about ***six men who
    individually led Shin Bet*** (Israeli’s secret anti-terrorist intelligence) for
    the last 30 years. Their remarkable
    consensus and their quite shocking candour are on display in a must-see
    documentary from an Israeli director.


    Bibi Netanyahu represents only 1 faction of Israel, just
    as Harper represents only a minority of Canadians

  • LeseMajeste

    “Welcome to the NWO Global Plantation, now STFU and get back to your minimum wage job, if you have one, slave. And if you think it’s bad now, wait until we get our grubby paws around your children’s necks! And remember to keep the 11th Commandment, ‘Thou Shalt Worship the Holocaust and Israel … or else GOYIM!”

    • Danny McVey

      What does that mean, “Worship the Holocaust and Israel”? I know BDS isn’t anti-semitic, but what you just said @LeseMajeste:disqus sounded like it.

      • Reid Iford

        No. Zionist Jews have exploited the innocent victims of the Holocaust as their hole card to literally get away with murder. In the 1930s and 40s, some influential American Zionist Jews actually worked to block exit visas for German Jews – sending them to the deathcamps as a way to pressure formation of “Israel.”

        Today in “Israel,” Holocaust survivors who criticize “Israel’s” atrocities have actually been tormented and humiliated by “Israeli” Jews, as punishment for speaking out against “Israeli” crimes against humanity.

        Of course the Holocaust happened, and yes, six million innocent Jews were murdered. Anyone who claims otherwise is a filthy excuse for a human being, and is taking guilt for the suffering of those poor people onto their own conscience.

        But Ashkenazi Jews have rewrittten the history of the Holocaust and used it as a tool to cover their own crimes against humanity in Palestine.

        Although I cannot speak for Lese, I believe this is the point being made here.

      • Reid Iford

        One more thing Danny. Lese referenced the “Israeli” Jew word GOYIM. This is their word for non Jews. It means we are animals. In their racist minds only they are human beings. This is how they can so easily murder babies and children, or mass murder US sailors on the USS Liberty.

        Read this to learn how much “Israeli” Jews hate Americans.

        • Danny McVey

          @Reid: You’re talking about Netanyahu’s government; not Israel as a whole. Don’t be racist.

  • Linda Doucett

    Sickening abuse of the media to hide war crimes

  • Harleen Quinzel

    Good. Only the pages promoting violence were taken down.

    • Belcanta

      As opposed to those ACTUALLY COMMITTING the violence (Jews / Israel).

  • dogpark

    Those Israeli Bomb Expert MOSSAD Agent , were the one that Planted Military Explosive in all Three TOWERS ,WTC’ , IN N.Y 9-11 , INFACT , you have Israeli Zionist Jews admitting to the horrific crime that kill 3000 American for their cause to build Hatred against ARABS , And to start the WAR against IRAQ , Plus they made Billions in the insurance of the Building , the owners Steinberg and Bloomberg , the media is there cover with the Fake video of the plane , but no plane at the Pentagon front lawn .

  • Kafir istani

    I’m happy for them

  • Gotta love that freedom of speech on tracebook and twitter… hmmm… can you smell it? mmm. mmm. mmm.

  • Ryan Law

    lol that would be why they just had 2 guys shoot up a cafe rather then 2 or 3 months ago it was a few knife attacks? i wonder what figures shes basing that claim on lol i think she meant “This proves that there is a direct relationship between internet coverage and reports of violence in Israel,”

  • ohminus

    “Shaked claimed that when internet incitement decreased, the attacks on Israelis decreased.

    “This proves that there is a direct relationship between internet incitement and violence in Israel,” she said.”

    Speak after me: “Correlation does not prove a specific causal relationship.”

    Now repeat that 100 times.

  • Cheryl

    You hypocrites, bulldozed any homes lately – with the people still in them? Because I notice you don’t care who YOU kill.

  • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

    When I see a tech evolved country wanting to censor a non tech evolved country’s people saying only one thing is for sure.
    They got something to hide.

  • Heidi Rechteger

    The comments on this site are retrogressive Jew hatred worthy of Storm Front. I am reminded of Morris Dees’s (of the Southern Poverty Law Center) successful lawsuit against Tom Metzger, the neo-Nazi, wherein he proved that Metzger’s hate speech led directly to the death of an Ethiopian immigrant in Portland, OR. My mother rescinded her long-time membership in the American Civil Liberties Union when they supported Nazis marching in Skokie, Illinois, a largely Jewish neighborhood with lots of Holocaust survivors. I would also support Facebook shutting down posts or sites of people like the late, unlamented Meir Kahane, who preached hatred against Arabs. If any person or group is calling for the deaths of other groups, they should not be allowed on FB or Twitter.

  • Greenmantle

    It’s a pity she didn’t include herself in condemning incitement, against Palestinian babies that is.

  • José Francisco Alff

    Ayelet Shaked herself using the Facebook when still a Knesset member ASK FOR A GENOCIDE IN GAZA ! & got thousands of supporters ; so no problems with ” anti-semitism ” against other semitic people ?????

  • “The way to honour Mohammed Ali is to be Mohammed Ali”
    Rabbi Michael Lerner Brings Down The House At Muhammad Ali’s Funeral

  • Salguod Xam

    You know I don’t have a big problem if what they deleted were death threats and calls for violence. It’s not a public space so in the end FB can do what it likes.

    I’d just ask her if they suggested the same be done for posts by israelis?

    I’ve seen those as well, so I know it’s a thing and as a Jew I find it disgusting. And by her reasoning, if the posts being taken down result in less violence, then by the same logic…

  • Ulrich Hammerla

    Interesting! When the german government asks Facebook or Twitter to delete racist pages or violent contents, nothing happens… though there ist a direct relation between internet incitement and violence against refugees and immigrants – like arson, beating, killing
    Oh, I forgot: these refugees mostly come from arab and islamic countries

  • Israel is state terrorism.

  • Mariana Massoud

    God the all mighty. This thing is just pure evil. I can’t even look at her face.

  • Reid Iford

    My account is currently banned at Facebook because I criticized “Israel.” Their desperate attemtps to silence the voices exposing their 70 year reign of terror in Palestine reveal the fear they experience when faced with thing that will ultimately be their undoing:


  • Campus Maximus

    Good. Palestinian media is a bunch of lies anyhow. :*(