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Extremist Israelis vandalise Palestinian property in Yaffat Al-Nasra

June 10, 2016 at 1:19 pm

Jewish extremists set fire to two cars. [Image courtesy of arab48.]

Jewish extremists set fire to two cars and wrote racist, offensive and anti-Arab phrases on trucks early this morning.

Phrases include “make the Arabs pay” in reference to the death of those shot in Tel Aviv.

Vandals attacked the Marah Al-Ghazlan neighbourhood in the village of Yaffat Al-Nasra.

Surveillance cameras recorded the extremists in the act.

Ibrahim Na’arani, who owns the two trucks, said: “At 3am, the surveillance camera installed in our parking space recorded the two unknown Jewish religious extremists writing anti-Arab phrase on the trucks in an attempt to avenge the shooting in Tel Aviv and they burned two other cars.”

“I filed a complaint with the police and they have begun investigations. I will continue judicial measures until the end, as these racist attacks must be put to an end.”




Video courtesy of arab48.