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Sisi discusses cooperation in fighting terrorism with Pakistani official

Egypt and Pakistan continued their military talks in Cairo yesterday and discussed strengthening security cooperation and exchanging experiences in the field of combating terrorism.

According to a statement issued by the Egyptian presidency, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi met with Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Ground Forces General Ruhayel Sharif and discussed "increasing mutual cooperation between the two countries." The conversation took place in the presence of Egyptian Defence Minister Sedky Sobhy.

Al-Sisi emphasised the importance of concerted international efforts to combat terrorism through a comprehensive strategy, referring to Egypt's interest in developing its cooperation with Pakistan and taking advantage of its military experience in the field of combating terrorism.

Sharif expressed "his country's pride over its cooperation with Egypt in various fields, including the military and security areas."

The Pakistani official pointed to "Pakistan's aspiration to enhance military ties with Egypt and strengthen bilateral security cooperation and the exchange of experiences, especially in the counter-terrorism field."

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