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Footage shows aftermath of Brutal Chlorine Gas Attack in Sukari, Aleppo

A BBC video report appears to show numerous casualties, including children, suffering from breathing problems in the wake of the attack in Sukari.

First responders in opposition held Sukari, Aleppo, claim that pro-regime forces have used chlorine gas against civilians.

According to media reports, helicopters dropped barrel bombs loaded with the toxic gas on civilians. Assad's regime regularly denies using chemical weapons – which are forbidden under international – though there have been numerous accounts of their use since fighting began in Syria's civil war.

After a widely reported chemical weapons attack that killed more than 1,300 in Ghoutah 2013, the Assad regime agreed to allow international experts to destroy its long-held chemical weapons stockpile. However, critics noted that there was a major loophole in the agreement that appeared to overlook Syria's Chlorine stockpiles.


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