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Syrian opposition: Assad should leave after transitional government is formed

Chief negotiator of the Syrian opposition Riyad Hijab said that Bashar Al-Assad must leave office after six months following the formation of the proposed transitional government, Moheet.com reported yesterday.

Hijab, who is the general coordinator of the High Negotiations Committee, made the remarks in London as he presented a roadmap for peace in his war-torn country.

According to the website, Hijab's plan starts with six months of negotiations to set up a transitional government made up of the opposition, Assad regime and civil society.

This government would run the country for 18 months, then it would hold elections.

"This transitional period will begin with the departure of Bashar Al-Assad and his clique, and of course those who have committed crimes against the Syrian people," Reuters reported Hijab saying.

Meanwhile, he also said his group would reject any American-Russian deal on Syria that is very different from his group's plan.

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