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Human rights groups condemn Algeria’s stance on Assad violations

October 10, 2016 at 11:30 am

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and the Syrian Network for Human Rights have condemned Algeria’s stance on the Syrian issue, especially the violations committed by the Assad regime. The condemnations come in the wake of Algeria’s refusal to endorse the UN Human Rights Council’s criticism of the Syrian regime’s hostilities and abuses practiced against civilians, describing them as shameful.

The two rights organisations released a statement on Sunday regarding the Human Rights Council’s thirty-third session held in Geneva last month. The UN body condemned the Assad regime’s detention, enforced disappearance and torture of civilians.

The statement pointed out that although the council’s resolutions are not enforced, they are regarded as strong expressions of international public opinion intended to influence the parties to the conflict in order to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Syria. They are also seen as the member states’ rejection of the violations of human rights.