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Syria threatens to shoot Turkish planes

The Syrian regime has threatened to shoot down any Turkish warplanes in its airspace.

Regime forces said that "these actions are irresponsible, lead to serious consequences, threaten the stability of the region and contribute to the spread of terrorism."

The threat came after Turkish planes were found flying over areas under the control of the Democratic Forces of Syria in the countryside around Aleppo on Wednesday.

On the same day, Turkish warplanes raided sites under the control of the Democratic Union Party in the north of Aleppo, killing between 160 and 200 members of the group, in addition to the destruction of 18 of its posts, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Seven civilians, including children, were wounded in a Russian aerial bombardment of the city of Jisr Idlib last night, while others were wounded in artillery attacks at border camps in the countryside.

In the countryside around the city, artillery bombardments by regime forces struck several camps near the border with Turkey which resulted in civilians being injured.

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