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Netanyahu: Israel will be taken to court over settlements

Illegal Israeli settlements [file photo]
Illegal Israeli settlements [file photo]

Israel could be held accountable for its illegal settlements at the International Criminal Court if it passes a bill legalising them, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned.

Israel is expected to bring the Regulation Bill into law, this will retrospectively legalise outposts in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, which are deemed illegal under international law.

Netanyahu’s warning comes after the prosecutor’s office at the ICC conducted a pre-emptive examination of the disastrous situation in the occupied Palestinian Territories in an effort to determine whether or not to launch a full-scale investigation into Israeli illegal settlements.He has also warned that passing the bill would give outgoing US President Obama a final opportunity to take action against Israel on the international platform.The campaign to pass the bill is being led by the far right Jewish Home party in order to prevent the evacuation of the Amona outpost, an illegal settlement in the West Bank, which is schedule to take place on 25 December.

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  • Jan Miguel

    Netanyahu is running scared. Lets hope Obama does something right for Palestinians before leaving office and stop covering up Israeli state terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Give me one good and valid reason why the European Ashkenazis are still in Palestine whereas they could easily go back home to Europe and they no longer face persecution? Why are they lingering? Tell me which of the following countries would refuse to admit back their own Jews who are now squatting on stolen Palestinian land?


  • It says something when even Netanyahu blanches from such a move by the Israeli government…