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US to establish military base in Israel

Image of a US military base [DVIDSHUB/Fkickr]
Image of a US military base [DVIDSHUB/Fkickr]

The US army intends to use the Israeli coast as a military base against troops in nearby areas, including Russian forces in Syria, Al-Masdar News (AMN) reported the US National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) stipulating.

The Israel-based news website said that according to the NDAA subsections, the US military is to establish a maritime base in the Israeli coastal city of Haifa in the coming years.

The US government’s ongoing assistance to Israel comes under section 1259 of the National Defence Authorisation Act for 2017 titled “Authorization of United States assistance to Israel”, which stipulated: “The maritime security and maritime domain awareness in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea are critical not only to the security of Israel but also to US national security interests and encourage the Department of Defence to continue efforts to develop and improve capabilities in these areas.”

The law is valid until 2021.

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  • Is Israel in agreement?

    • Kevin Logan

      Oy Vey!! Don’t worry about it!! I’m sure Israel ordered the base to be built for the purpose of getting America to murder the Palestinians for them. To sort of… take the heat off their back for awhile. A couple israeli false flag attacks on the new base should be all it takes to get America to start carpet bombing and occupying Gaza for ten years. And like always, the base will be entirely funded using American taxpayer’s money. So like I said, don’t worry about it, this shouldn’t cost you a precious Shekel.

  • Barry

    I have not read this anywhere else. US never had a base there but IDF trains w US all the time. I smell a rat here.

  • Will this not risk straining Israel’s ties with Russia?

  • Dana Graham Phelps

    The US annexed Israel and this is part of a program to militarize it in the interest of the United States.