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Celebrations of death in Aleppo

Search and rescue team members hospitalise a wounded civilian at the site of blast after Assad Regime's strike over civilians in residential areas of Jub Al Quba neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria on November 30, 2016 [Jawad al Rifai / Anadolu Agency]

The chain of death in Aleppo greatly resembles the daily death celebrations that are carried out by Russian jets, the Alawite [Assad] regime in Syria, the Iranian militias that have come from remote locations to join the death parties in Syria. Not a day passes without tens of people killed and countless women, children and elderly wounded. Despite all of this, these scenes are not new for the only new thing is that what is happening in Syria is beginning to harm not only humans, but trees and stones as well.

All of this is happening with America's blessing and sponsorship. Aleppo is one of the world's oldest and most well known civilisations. This city, which was built tens of decades ago, is currently being destroyed at the hands of hegemonic enemies of mankind and in an unprecedented way. Its people, the ones who used to be proud of their city and its history, are now either victims of death, or are wounded or seeking refuge. Those who are committing the biggest crimes against Aleppo and its inhabitants, or against it as a whole, are not those that are killing people and destroying the city necessarily, but all of those who are taking part in the crimes and remaining silent when it concerns these crimes.

No city in the world has suffered from as much shelling, terror and destruction since World War II as much as Aleppo has in this moment. This confirms that what is taking place in Aleppo is a violation of the laws and rules of war. It is boundless and without any rule. In addition, the events taking place in Syria have gone beyond protecting the Alawite-orientated Syrian regime of Syria, which has taken control of Syria for the last 45 years thanks to both western and eastern sponsorship. What we are looking at is a new map that aims to divide Syria, not into two or three states, but into numerous mini sectarian states that will experience wars for centuries.

What the Obama administration has done is not to partake in the crimes on the ground necessarily, but instead has placed a hand in the game by first calling for Al-Assad's ouster to then changing its position by arguing that Al-Assad must remain an important part in any transitional government or decision to come. The European Union has also recently announced that it will support Al-Assad as he attempts to find a solution for the future. I do not know what resolution this will be that will take place at the expense of mangled limbs and children's blood!

The international community, with UN special envoy de Mistura in the lead, has transformed the Syrian issue from a racist sectarian war into a small crisis centred on the emergence of 300 fighters with allegiance to Fatah Al-Sham, who are currently based in Aleppo. De Mistura himself made statements last week whilst in Damascus to visit Al-Assad that no one could comprehend. The only thing that was understood was that de Mistura supports Al-Assad and views the demise of Aleppo at the hands of the regime is nothing more than a fait accompli that can only be solved with the passing of time.

Therefore, there is international cooperation when it comes to the death parties, the celebrations of death that are happening to the Syrian people. Russia, Iran, the Alawite Assad regime and the sectarian militias that have come from outside are committing the killings. Meanwhile, the international community, the US and Europe, are facilitating these deaths so that Al-Assad can be a part of the future resolutions. What saddens me is most of the Arabs stand there idly, waiting for their turn in the celebrations of death.

Translation from Alkhaleej Online, 5 December 2016

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