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Brotherhood's Akef back in solitary after cancer operation

The health of former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Mahdi Akef has been deteriorating since he was diagnosed with cancer last month, according to statements made by his wife.

Despite his critical condition, especially after he underwent surgery this week, the prison administration insisted on transferring him back into solitary confinement.

Akef's wife, the sister of the Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Ezzat, told reporters that she does not have enough information about his medical situation, claiming that the prison administration has been refusing to provide her with any information about him.

Other detainees in the prison of Leman Tora have reportedly claimed that Akef suffers a critical medical condition and "nobody from the prison's administration care".

According to local media sources, the Brotherhood's media spokesman, Talaat Fahmi, said the senior official has been transferred from prison to hospital after his health deteriorated. He added that the prison administration has "constantly" refused to allow him to access medical care, even on his own expense.

"We hold the coup regime responsible for Akef's health and well-being, and urge all individuals, institutions and organisations of good conscience around the world to take action to secure an immediate release of Mohamed Akef, out of respect for the human rights they persistently preach," Fahmi said.

On a similar note, Brotherhood officials have reported, on the Muslim Brotherhood's official website, that Akef currently "suffers a slow death", denying any treatment he had allegedly received. In an official statement, dated 26 December 2016, they held the prison administration authorities responsible for the deterioration in his health.

In a post on Facebook Akef's daughter Aliaa wrote: "Pray for your former Supreme Guide Mohamed Mahdi Akef as he was admitted to the hospital. We do not know the reason yet."

Akef, 88, was given a life sentence which was later revoked. He is currently in jail awaiting a retrial.

His lawyer, Ismail Abu-Baraka, said that he has requested his release due to his old age and fragile health, especially after he was diagnosed with cancer last May; however, the judge refused.

Akef was assumed the position of General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood after the death of Muhammad Ma'mun Al-Hudaybi in January 2004 and continued until his term expired in January 2010.

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