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Calls for UK to expel Israeli official

Scotlands First Minister Alex Salmond and Depute First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, at the launch of Choosing Scotland's Future - a White Paper on a possible independence referendum on August 2007. Image by Picture by Chris Watt / Wikimedia
Scotlands First Minister Alex Salmond and Depute First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, at the launch of Choosing Scotland's Future - a White Paper on a possible independence referendum on August 2007. Image by Picture by Chris Watt / Wikimedia

The UK government should immediately remove Israeli Embassy official Shia Masot from the country after he was filmed discussing how to “take down” a senior government minister, the Scottish National Party said today.

Shai Masot was caught on camera talking to Tory MP Robert Halfon’s former chief of staff Maria Strizzolo at a restaurant in Kensington in October.  Masot can be seen saying deputy foreign minister Sir Alan Duncan is causing “a lot of problems” and describes foreign secretary Boris Johnson as “an idiot”.

Following an apology from the Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev the UK Government said it considered the matter closed which Alex Salmond has described as “completely unacceptable”.

However, SNP Foreign Affairs spokesperson Alex Salmond said: “It is completely unacceptable for the UK government to declare the matter closed – Shai Masot must go and go immediately before the end of his tenure at the Israeli Embassy.”

“Boris Johnson must right now revoke Mr Masot’s diplomatic status and remove him from the country as would most certainly have happened had the circumstances been reversed. Perhaps then the Israeli Government representatives will regard the foreign secretary as less of a fool.”

“I would expect the UK government to fully investigate this matter so that we can be confident our elected officials are free to carry out their jobs to the best of their ability and without fear of having their reputation smeared by Embassy officials who do not agree with their views.”

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  • robert mcintosh

    Does anybody else see the similarities between what Israel has been doing these last few years and what happened in Germany in the 1930s? Is Israel’s land grab any different to ‘Lebensraum’? Is ‘taking out’ any dissenters any different to the silencing of any who disagree with the master plan? Is the continual reference back to how the world has treated Jews any different to the ‘look at the reparations’ you forced on us? Is WW3 going to be started by Israel?

    • neluroman

      No, anyone with more than two neurons and some knowledge of history doesn’t see such similiarities. Irael is fighting now a war of surviving while those with ” Lebensraum ” were fighting to suppress any one else who didn’t meet their criteria.

      • robert mcintosh

        Aye, the usual response of those in the wrong with a weak argument, open with insults. Amazing how illegally occupying vast tracks of another country is a ‘war of surviving’, notice you don’t mention Israel’s nuclear weapons which were built against international agreements either, the indiscriminate killing of women and children by Israel and then complaining about having a rocket launched at them. Sometimes for their own good countries need to step back and have a good look at themselves and what they are doing. My question is still valid and it would be good for Israel if they stopped constantly playing the anti-jewish card to any comments they dislike, no country or people are ever 100% correct 100% of the time.

        • neluroman

          First off, what country are you talking about? More exactly, what country is the victim of Israel’s “land-snatch”? Seriously, which one? I don’t know where you take your information from, but for a correct information let me “illuminate” you in this sense. The things usually occur like this: The terrorists rain rockets over Israel, usually from bulding like schools, hospitals and mosques, hoping that in this way Israelis will not retaliate because they know – Israel knows also- that if Palestinian child and women were being killed the whole world would turn on Israel blaming it for the blood- shedding. But Israel cannot let these attacks unanswered, because if yhey did that, the terrorists would see it as a sign of weakness, that means, some kind of ” greed card” for much more attacks. To not play in the terrorist hands, Israel has adopted a strategy called “knock on-the roof”, that means sending a small rocket as a warning of a bigger one coming. And still accidents occur, unfortunately, and people who should not be killed are killed. But, if you don’t want as civilians to die, you should not start a war from rezidential areas! Simply, isn’t it! On short, Israeli civilians are killed intentionally, whereas Palestinian civilians are killed accidentally. So, what moral equivalence are you talking about when assert:” no country or people are ever 100% correct 100% of the time”. Are you serious?

  • Rajmuld

    Mark Regev shouldn’t have been allowed in to Britain at all – the way he tried to justify the murders of more than 500 children in Gaza, including little boys blown to pieces as they played football on a beach was demonic. Regev is a deeply sinister propagandist and should go home to Australia.

    • Pablo Howitt

      Australian people don’t want him they used to give him “middle east expert ” tag on abc interviews not ” Israeli Defense spokesperson”

    • neluroman

      Seriously!!!! How is that to fire at someone, then to run to hide behind your children hoping that the others will not fire back? How is it to use your women and children as shields against retaliatory fire? How is it to enter a Jewish house and to stab to death a thirteen- year- old sleeping girl? Is that not demonic? And remember that, no one kills ” little boys as they play football on a beach, except if you are not from: ISIS, al-Qaeda, or…. Hamas. You can fool many, Mr. Rajmund, but still you cannot fool all.

  • mushi

    How careless the UK is.
    Israel could back stab you

  • Most British people are actually deeply opposed to Israel nowadays…

    • neluroman

      Most people in Great Britain know much more about Cristiano Ronaldo than about Israel and what is at stake over there.