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Israel issues 35 administrative detention orders against Palestinians

Israeli security forces take into custody a Palestinian protester during a demonstration demanding Israel return the Palestinian bodies killed by Israeli forces, in Bethlehem, West Bank on January 26, 2017 (İssam Rimawi - Anadolu Agency )
Israeli security forces take into custody a Palestinian protester during a demonstration demanding Israel return the Palestinian bodies killed by Israeli forces, in Bethlehem, West Bank on January 26, 2017 (İssam Rimawi - Anadolu Agency )

Israeli authorities issued 35 administrative detention orders against Palestinian prisoners between 18-31 January, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

Administrative detention

    is the arrest and detention of individuals without trial. Palestinians held in this way are not told why they are being held or what evidence is being used against them.

PPS lawyer Mahmoud Al-Halabi said in a statement today that Israel sentenced Palestinian MP Ahmad Mubarak, who was detained on 16 January, to six months of administrative detention.

Israel also renewed the administrative detention of Palestinian journalist Nidal Abu Aker for another six months. Abu Aker was detained on 9 August 2016 after he had previously spent 13 years in Israeli jails, nine of them under administrative detention.

Al-Halabi added that 12 of the orders were issued against first-time prisoners as well as former prisoners who were detained after having been released.

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  • Gary Lawrence

    In the Israeli Prison Service 48 per cent of Palestinian child detainees and 86 per cent of adults are unlawfully transferred and detained in prisons inside Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. This is a clear and unambiguous challenge to the rule of law, military authorities have now informed UNICEF that this policy will not be changed.

    Four years since a delegation of prominent British lawyers published a report on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law. The Foreign Office funded report found undisputed evidence that the military detention system violated at least six articles under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and two articles under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

  • Gary Lawrence

    Chivalry is a word the IDF KNOW NOT. Consider an IDF soldier fully dressed in protective wear and a female Palestinian carrying a knife, supposedly, does he take the knife from her, remember these guys created krav maga, no he shoots her dead. And if she isn’t dead they let her die there unattended. Or how about wrestling down a 10-year-old boy for throwing rocks when they entered his village to take away someone’s father to be put in prison for life without trial or recourse. Cowards is a much more descriptive word. Israel must fear justice and rid itself of Netanyahu. Only US politicians and Israel can deny the brutal occupation of the Palestinians. You can check out this cowardly IDF soldier on Youtube who takes from a little crying Palestinian girl, her bicycle and throws it in the bushes. Please wake up America, we cannot continue to provide cover for the Apartheid Israeli war Machine.

  • Gary Lawrence

    Have you heard, IT, kills boys and girls and, IT, hides their bodies? Wait till you know what, IT, is. It is not a clown, though Netanyahu’s smile is a clown’s smile, the IDF soldiers of Israel kill people, woman, men, and children. If the shot doesn’t kill them IMMEDIATELY , they wait for DEATH. They hide the bodies so the suffering relatives can’t have closure and the need for revenge. If elected President, Hillary Clinton promised impunity for Israel as Obama has, indeed and in silence.

    It is beyond belief, my own country, the United States of America could be the backbone of such crimes against humanity. Bernie Sanders is the only one,on the campaign trail, to crack the tightest sealed horrors of LIFE in Palestine, a very small crack for media consumption. And who would believe that John Kerry and most all of the U.S. press would provide cover for, IT….

  • Gary Lawrence

    The Palestinians have done nothing to deserve the unbelievable violence brought upon them. If only the U N would do more than verbally condemn Israel. I believe that BDS is going to be the start of pressure on a criminal state like Israel. For Benjamin Netanyahu, he is guilty of war crimes, PROSECUTE AND EXECUTE.? Wake up, the IDF breaks into homes of Palestinians, not to rape, but to murder, torture, and tear families apart. A 12 year-old-boy maybe shot down dead for throwing stones, but the future,” light to the gentiles”(from her own mouth), can do no wrong, and a settler is not even charged with a crime of any serious time. Open your MIND, accountability has lost its place in the United States and the United Nations. I must conclude from the latest report by the Quartet of Nations, the same as a personal task for them. That is, make sure there is no real accountability. Thus Trump has only to continue the Obama agenda over the last 8 years. Does anyone expect Jared Kushner to be an honest broker? I’ve said it many times and it is rock solid for the most part, “Where is the champion of oversight on war crimes and atrocities? I would never want to be called anti-semitic, but I still believe he was raised in a Jewish family and from his outright support of Israel and silence to everything they are doing on a daily basis, Deputy US Ambassador to the UN David Pressman’s comment, “We need a United Nations that includes Israel, that brings Israel closer, not one that systematically pushes Israel away.”, flies in the face of reality.” It doesn’t fly in the face of what we can expect from Jared Kushner.

  • Gary Lawrence

    RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS will never agree on what is right. What do I mean by RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS? I mean in the United States we separate religion from politics, because your religious beliefs are another man’s lies. We all can and have agreed that the mind of man can be common ground, thus the United Nations and International Law. That is why Israel is guilty of war crimes, agreed before Israel committed them. And Netanyahu will be tried in a court of law, executed, and the world will be far better off without his RELIGIOUS ZEALOT finger on the BOMB.

    Senator McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Paul Ryan are three cowards who can’t win an election to the top office because they don’t have the personal integrity when it comes to admitting Israel is a nation committing war crimes and the brutal occupier of the Palestinian people. They both made sure the occupation of Palestine was not part of the Republican platform. Why did they do that? Because better the American people are deaf, dumb, and blind than be exposed to the brutal occupation of the Palestinian people.

    You won’t hear such insights about the power of AIPAC from PBS. Judy Woodruff will rub it in when Palestinians strike back at their oppressors and never speak of the brutal occupation, administrative detention, and or young children, boys and girls as young as 12 years of age put in prison with adults. Those children are subject to torture, interrogations without representation or even an adult or parent present. Scumbag is a good word for Netanyahu and what the IDF represent.RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS will never agree on what is right and what is wrong. They live in a vacuum created for them long before they had a brain to understand the current world we live in.

  • Gary Lawrence

    I’m for BDS, but my local market sold jars of Israeli fish balls,$8.50 each, for $1.99,on clearance. I bought 6 jars with no regrets except one must believe if the Palestinians were allowed to fish, theirs would be much cheaper, to begin with. Does it exemplify the true reality that the occupation is about money now, and down the line for Netanyahu, and the Israelis? I think it is fair to ask when did killing, and imprisoning Palestinians become part of the business of income for Israel? Just like in the movie, The Island, we see a man and a privileged people abusing what has been given to them.

  • Gary Lawrence

    Israel is a Rogue Nation committing serious violations of
    international law. The Washington, DC-based Israel Law Resource
    Center, reports such violations include collective punishment,
    apartheid barriers, illegal acquisition of land by force, ethnic
    cleansing, Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory—and disregard
    of some 28 resolutions of the UN Security Council. These are
    violation of human rights, recognized around the world. BDS brings
    awareness and a call for action, that has a real track record of
    success. Stephen Hawking says, “anyone can answer big questions.” Stephen Hawking has joined BDS and will not speak in Israel. Stop a mad man, who will keep replacing those who have a conscience, with those hardliners who have war crimes, as a mind set, like himself.