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UAE Special Forces took part in deadly attack on Yemen, says US official

February 2, 2017 at 12:20 pm

Image of buildings in ruin after being hit by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen [Reuters]

An American official revealed on Tuesday that Special Forces from the UAE took part in the attack in Yemen last Sunday which caused dozens of casualties, CNN has reported. The US-led operation in the Yakla area of Al-Baydaa province resulted in 30 Yemenis being killed, including at least 16 women and children, said local sources.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon said on Monday that US Special Forces were surprised to find several women fighting for Al-Qaeda when they carried out the attack, which was allegedly intended to collect intelligence about the extremist group.

A spokesman for the US Secretary of Defence said that many female combatants took part in the firefight. “While the operation was going on, we saw women fighters running towards prearranged positon as if they had been trained to fight against us,” he explained. The Americans claim that 14 Al-Qaeda fighters were killed in the operation.