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New Palestinian diaspora pledge to liberate their lands

Pro Palestine protest [file photo]
Pro Palestine protest [file photo]

A conference due to take place in Turkey later this month is part of a new pledge to commit to the land and the right to return to Palestine, the head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza Strip said.

In an interview with Quds Press, Dr Essam Youssef said: “No matter how long it takes, victory will come as long as we commit to Palestine as our beloved homeland that we will never concede, just as our ancestors, parents and grandparents never did.”

Youssef considered the conference to be “a renewal of our pledge and commitment to the path of liberation and to the fact that Jerusalem will remain the capital of Palestine, regardless of the Israeli occupation’s plots.”

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He also promised every individual who sacrificed their life for the liberation of Palestine that “the Palestinians abroad and at home will remain committed and determined to continue the journey towards liberation and Palestine will remain free and Arab.”

Youssef called on the conference and its participants to pass down the task to the future generations and to raise the flag in Jerusalem and all the Palestinian villages and cities, and for their slogan to be “O Jerusalem, we will return”.

The Turkish city of Istanbul will host the conference on the 25-26 February, which will be attended by a number of Palestinian figures from over 20 countries.

According to the organisers, the conference aims to highlight the suffering of the Palestinian people who have sought refuge outside of Palestine and to demand their rights in general, and specifically their right to liberate their country and return to it, as well as their right to self-determination.

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The conference will focus on Palestinians abroad and their central role in the national project, and will discuss ways to strengthen their presence, restore their role, and utilize their capabilities in the national movement in a manner that positively contributes to the role of the factions, PLO and PA, and aims to achieve a breakthrough in the current impasse.

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