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Tunisia's Essebsi has only honoured one third of his election promises

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi has achieved only one third of his election promises, the organisation I Watch has said yesterday.

The group, which uses its "Sebsi Metre" to evaluate his progress, said Essebsi has only implemented 12 promises of the 31 he made during the election campaign with six pledges currently in progress.

The "Sebsi Metre" further revealed that the Tunisian president made no electoral promises with the economic and social development sectors which were evident by his failure to stop the haemorrhaging of annual protests in January.

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According to I Watch, only 37 per cent of urgent pledges made by Essebsi have been carried through with 25 per cent of those yet to be initiated.

Essebsi has been successful in respecting his commitments on diplomacy and international relations, the report noted, and has succeeded in positively promoting the image of Tunisia abroad and attracting foreign investors.

The organisation said gathering data has been difficult and complicated at times, with ministries only releasing information following a court order.

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