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Trump and Netanyahu fawn over each other, Twitter reacts

According to Donald Trump, "The state of Israel is a symbol to the world of resilience in the face of oppression." The US president went on,

Your perseverance in the face of hostility, your open democracy in the face of violence, and your success in the face of tall odds is truly inspirational.

Speaking to the press during the visit of Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu earlier today, Trump also highlighted the sanctions his administration had placed on Iran and the US' commitment to defend Israel in the United Nations where, he said "which has treated Israel in my opinion very, very unfairly"

Netanyahu, as expected, enjoyed the indulgence of Mr Trump very much, as his twitter feed made clear:

Not all of the twittersphere wasn't quite so impressed, however. Rather, users from all over the world took to the social media platform to articulate their displeasure.

The Daily Show poked fun at the 'surreal' press conference:

While AJ+ identified the numerous 'alternative facts' that abound on the issue:

A diverse range of Americans took to the streets to denounce the meeting:

While others pointed out the record of hypocrisy by both leaders:


And one group even flew the Palestinian flag right outside Trump tower:

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