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Aid group: Situation in Yarmouk is tragic

The situation in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, in the outskirts of Damascus, is very difficult and tragic, a Swedish aid convoy that recently visited the besieged area has said.

"People in the camp rushed to the bus which was carrying the aid because of the scarcity of humanitarian support," head of the convoy, Khaled Youssef, said.

Nearly 3,000 food parcels, blankets and children's toys were distributed by the group over the course of a week in cooperation with UNRWA in a number of Palestinian camps in both Lebanon and Syria. They also set up a kitchen which will provide free meals for refugees.

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The group visited Bourj Al-Barajneh, Darya and Ein El-Hilweh refugee camps in Lebanon as well as Jaramana, Yarmouk, the Aleppo University shelter and Al-Nayrab refugee camp in Syria.

Youssef said the convoy aimed to alleviate the humanitarian crisis suffered by the Palestinian refugees saying that what they saw during their visit motivated them to work for the rapid delivery of more aid.

"The needs are greater than what we have delivered, the situation requires us to work and secure faster and bigger convoys."

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