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Palestinians abroad unite for a future state

February 26, 2017 at 11:49 am

Since their calamity in 1948, the Palestinians, inside Palestine and abroad,  carried the burden of their cause endeavoring to liberate their land  and returning to it, and claiming their right of self determination according to their choices.

With all the developments that occurred after, especially after the Zionist occupation on the rest of the Palestinian territories in 1967, national activism and freedom fighting escalated among  our people. The Palestinians abroad carried a massive share of the cause’s burden, and they continued to do so until the Zionist occupation to Lebanon in 1982, where their role was significantly affected by the exit of Palestinian resistance from Beirut at that time.

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Goals of the conference

  • Affirming our right of liberation and self determination and the role of Palestinian abroad in achieving it.
  • Affirming the right of return for refugees and working on achieving it.
  • Taking political actions to claim civil and human rights of our people.
  • Building and strengthening the unity of the political stance of the Palestinian people abroad.

Political Contexts of the Conference

First Pivot: The Palestinian Cause

It is concerned with the Palestinian cause as a national cause, and as a means to achieving full legitimate rights of the Palestinian people including establishing their state and returning to their homeland and maintaining their right of self determination by using all legitimate means and methods.

The Second Pivot

It includes the right of return from legal, political and public aspects, the political, human and civil rights of the Palestinian people in Diaspora, and working on achieving it within the frame work of a national projects on the path of liberation and return.

The Third Pivot: Involvement / Participation

Involving all Palestinian people, forces and institutions in decision making in order to achieve effective and influential political role for all of them as well as contributing in preserving the national identity and their right to work for their cause without any hurdles or impediments. We also seek to activate the role of the Palestinian communities scattered around the world to protect their national identity and cause. Additionally, we aim at launching programs and projects that serve the above mentioned titles and secure political support to achieve it.

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