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Protesters reject creation of UAE military base in Somaliland

Dozens of people protest outside the UAE Embassy in London, UK, against the creation of an Emirati military base in Somalia

Scores of people demonstrated outside the UAE embassy in London today in protest against the establishment of an Emirati military base in Somaliland.

Protesters carried banners in Arabic and English calling for an end to wars and for the funds to be redirected to aid projects rather than military warfare, “Somaliland needs aid not military base”, in reference to Somalia’s breakaway northern territory.

“We are not against the UAE, the Emirates and its people are our brothers. They’ve helped us throughout time,” a protester said.

“We don’t want to be dragged into a war. Our country is stable. We don’t care if someone is Shia or Sunni, we are all Muslim.”

“All we want is peace,” another explained, “but our government has sold land to the UAE for a military base so it can attack Yemen, but the people of Yemen are our brothers and we don’t want to be dragged into this war on them.”

News that the UAE is to build a military base in Berbera was made public last month.


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  • Fabrico Montini

    The Truth is the people demonstrating do not even live in Somaliland, there where just a handful of them as well.

    • Ahmed Jama

      Better to use your Somali name Italian. Where ever we are it is our rights to say no to the base.

  • Peace Peace

    Somaliland PARLIAMENT approved the military base deal for national development only.
    Please respect your country laws.
    If UAE attack Yemen using our land, we will force them to leave and the country authorities will shut down the military base.
    Yemen is the only arab country who opened their country doors when we were in the worst times in our history, there is no way we will allow any harm to all Yemen from our soil!.

  • SomaliNationalist

    We Somalis don’t want wars of the middle east

  • Ahmed Kheyre Somalilander

    This proposed base has absolutely no benefits to Somaliland. Somaliland will not attain de-jure recognition from the UAE, the lease amount is ludicrous, allegedly $1.2 million per anum, for one the longest runways in Africa, and most crucially, it will destabilize the peace in the region and attract the enemies of the UAE. What are the benefits? For almost three decades we had peace and stability, we refused UNISOM & AMISON bases, even out best friends in the region, Ethiopia & Djibouti will not request such thing.
    It will a base for the proxy war in Yemen.

    • Prof. Ahmed Osman

      Yemen origins and UAE and Somaliland have the same parental lineage, however, we are talking about busiess and we are not in favor of War, let us mediate our brothers and let ‘Berbera supply the food for Yemeni people’. The war for Houthis is over and Saudi Arabia must have to compensate the destruction. The south and north government must have to come to negotiation table and Somalilnad must have to be play a key role instead of favoring one faction, one government or one sect. Lets tackle the entire problem more holistically, otherwise, don’t claim a legitimate and democratic governance entity in Horn of Africa.

  • Adam Ismail

    Somalilanders we understand the consequences of bombardment of civilians we had been recovering the psychological trauma and mentally distorted difficulties caused the indiscriminated shelling of mass destructive weapons from the somaliya government in late 80’s we lost more than 50000 lives and we learnt a valuable lesson, UAE has to stop the unlawful and intimidation of somaliland affairs.

  • Muktar Qule

    It time to workout our resources to be functioned. We get economic benefits and employment from UAE Military Base and as well DP World Port Concession Agreement. Somaliland people want to develop their economic infrastructure without respect to any other country interests including Yemen. Since 1991 it is the first time that the world turn their intention to Somaliland and its start not end. We call the world potential investors and governments for investing Somaliland. I can say Protesters do not understand the interest of their country rather than taking motives of a particular group or individuals opposing to the government. GREAT TO UAE AND WELCOME TO OUR COUNTRY’S STRATEGIC LOCATION.

  • Abu Fatimah

    Yemen is under attack from iranian backed houthi renegades. You are helping your yemeni brothers and sisters by opposing the houthi tyrants who have taken over the country by force

  • Abu Fatimah

    This was ratified by the somaliland parliament, brings economic benefit to somaliland, and also military training to somaliland soldiers as well as increased security against external threats to somaliland. This is a positive thing. The protestors eitehr do not understand politics and economics or they are southerners who simply dont like somaliland taking its own decisions without going through the southern somali government. Somaliland is independent. Get used to it