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Brotherhood leader says reviews do not mean reconciliation with Egypt regime

Mohammed Imad El-Din, a Muslim Brotherhood senior leader, said that the group is conducting an ongoing review into revising policy, despite the internal crisis that it is facing.

He told the Egyptian Masr Al-Arabiya news site that revisions constitute one of the fundamentals for the group since it was established, as they believe in revisions, not retreat.

He continued saying that revisions do not mean reaching reconciliation with the current regime of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi or giving up on the rights of those killed by the regime, because these rights are not the Brotherhood's to give up.

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The review could include policy revisions on political, economic and social matters, he said.

The Brotherhood is currently facing an crisis, as there are two internal forces in dispute over the leadership of the group. The first group is known as the "historic leadership", which is led by Acting-Supreme Guide Mahmoud Ezzat; the second is known as the "youth leadership" and was led by Mohamed Kamal before he was killed in a confrontation with security forces.

The "historic leadership" was subjected to another round of crackdowns by the Egyptian security authorities a few days ago, with the arrest of about seven Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, most notably Mohammed El-Mursi, a member of the Brotherhood's guidance bureau.

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