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Israel agrees Germany can sell submarines to Egypt

Image of former Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon [Marc Müller/Wikipedia]
Former Israeli Minister Moshe Yaalon, 6 April 2017 [Marc Müller/Wikipedia]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed that sell German-made submarines to Egypt despite the objection of former Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon, an Israeli newspaper revealed yesterday.

According to Egyptian news website Masr Al Arabia, Israeli newspaper Maariv said that the German government had twice requested Israel's agreement on selling submarines to Egypt.

The newspaper also added: "A couple of years ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed on the German request to sell weapons to Egypt," noting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel conditioned the sale on acquiring Israeli agreement first.

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"In 2011 and 2014, Germany requested Israel's agreement on this [selling submarines to Egypt], but these requests faced the objections of senior defence ministry officials, including Moshe Yaalon," Maariv said.

The Egyptian website reported Maariv as saying that "the Israeli agreement on the German request is considered a notable change in Israel's stance towards Egyptian military power."

Netanyahu's office denied the details mentioned in Maariv's report.

Meanwhile, Israeli TV Channel 10 said:

Israel played a role in selling four German submarines to Cairo despite the objection of the security institution.

It said that Netanyahu agreed on the request to sell submarines to Egypt despite the fact the Camp David Peace Treaty bans Egypt from having submarines, fearing they would be used if the ruling regime is changed.

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