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Message from Iran to Trump about Khamenei's failing health

Sources in Iran have revealed that a secret message has been sent from Tehran to US President Donald Trump concerning the deteriorating health of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Former President, Abolhasan Banisadr, gave details of the "secret message" to the Iran Wire news website, Al-Arabiya reported.

Image of Former President, AbulHasan Bani Sadr [Arashk rp2/Wikipedia]

Image of former President, AbulHasan Bani Sadr [Arashk rp2/Wikipedia]

Abolhasan, who lives in exile in Paris, France, said he had come across information that "moderates within the regime" and "pro-Rouhani" members sent the note to America, in reference to current Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

"In my view, this information is correct because the American Congress has postponed voting on the sanctions until after the presidential election in Iran. This is the same message they sent to Reagan at the end of Khomeini's life," he explained.

The former president went on to explain that "the Revolutionary Guard was planning to make [Ebrahim] Raisi president of Iran… [but] the best choice for Khamenei is Rouhani."

Raisi, thought to be a strong candidate as Iran's next spiritual leader, has spent his entire career in the Islamic Republic's enforcement arm, many have reported that his background fits nicely with the Revolutionary Guards' mission of crushing dissent.

The secret message apparently demanded that the new US president should ease the sanctions on Tehran, so as not to affect the options of the religious establishment, which may have to choose a conservative successor to Rouhani.

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The sources pointed out that Tehran has promised that Washington's cooperation or understanding could contribute to the arrival of a more moderate successor for Khamenei. Such a candidate, it is said, could play a role similar to that played by Shia leader Ali Sistani in Iraq.

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