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Activist: Morocco should take in stranded Syrian refugees

Moroccan human rights activist Ali Anzola has called on authorities to allow Syrian refugees stranded on the border with Algeria into the country.

In an exclusive interview with Quds Press, Anzola expressed his regret over the situation of 55 Syrian refugees stranded on the border between Morocco and Algeria because of the dispute between the two countries.

Unfortunately, these Syrian refugees are paying the price for the old Moroccan-Algerian dispute due to their conflicting positions on the Western Sahara.

Morocco has accused Algeria of expelling 55 Syrian migrants across the countries' shared border. For its part, Algeria summoned the Moroccan ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give "a categorical rejection" of the "serious accusations".

The refugees who include children and women are a small number and both countries should be ashamed of their mistreatment.

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