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45,000 Algerian policemen mobilised for elections

May 2, 2017 at 4:31 pm

Algerian police [Twitter]

Around 44,500 policemen will be mobilised across Algeria to secure the offices and voting centres ahead of the parliamentary elections this Thursday, the Deputy Director of Public Roads, Divisional Commissioner Madjid Saadi confirmed yesterday.

According to the official, the policemen will inspect all the voting structures 48 hours before they open and will also ensure the security of the transport of ballot boxes after the closing of the ballot in the presence of the heads of centres and polling stations.

Special brigades will also be mobilised to escort international observers, foreign journalists and members of the Abdelwahab Derbal Forum, according to the Deputy Director of Prevention and Road Safety, Chief Commissioner Rachid Ghezli.

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Pedestrian and mobile patrols will be reinforced around official institutions and chanceries as well.

In addition, helicopters will conduct air patrols in large cities with more polling stations to ensure rapid response to traffic congestion, according to Ghezli.

The Ministry of Defence announced in a statement that “all security measures have been taken to ensure the smooth conduct of these legislative elections.”

We have taken care to adopt a precautionary and anticipatory field approach in order to ensure security and stability throughout the national territory and throughout our national borders.

Algerians will take to the ballot box to vote for their choice amongst the 12,000 candidates from over 50 parties nationwide. Participation is expected to be low at around 40 per cent due as many have chosen to boycott the elections or have little faith in the ballot box aligning their affairs.

The ruling National Liberation Front and the Rally for Democracy are expected to come top.