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International hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Five students at the University of Manchester began a movement which has now spread across Europe

Activists across Europe are going on hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners and to promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the state of Israel.

Students and non-student groups, from England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy will be joining 1,560 Palestinian prisoners who announced their hunger strike two weeks ago.

This follows a group of students from the University of Manchester who announced their hunger strike last week. The five activists, who are now on day five of their hunger strike, are also protesting against the University of Manchester which they say invests millions of pounds in companies that are “complicit with the suffering of the Palestinians”.


In a joint press statement the activists from Europe for justice in Palestine said that they are going on an “international hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners”. The activists describe themselves “as student and non-student groups standing with the Palestinian society from England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy”.

The statement mentioned that students in two cities have already begun their strike with groups in other cities to follow in the coming days: “Students at the University of Edinburgh started their hunger strike on April 30th, activists from Exeter Palestine Action and London began theirs on May 2nd, activists from Turin and Belgium will start theirs on May 4th, followed by activists from Bologna on May 8th, and activists from Rome on May 10th.”

UK students to begin hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

They hope everyone who stands with Palestine, including MPs, will show their support.

Through our actions, we hope to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause in our respective towns and cities across Europe.

While stating their reasons for coordinating the “international hunger strike” they emphasised that they were “seeking to pressure Israel into complying with the Palestinian political prisoners’ demands in line with international law and to promote boycott, divestment and sanctions against the state of Israel until it complies with international law and the universal principles of human rights.”

Sit-in at European Parliament in support Of Palestinian hunger strikers

The activists believe that boycott, divestment and sanctions, is the only effective non-violent way of ending the plight of the Palestinians that the international community can use, before concluding:

As European citizens, we feel a responsibility to support the Palestinian cause for an end of the occupation, apartheid and settler colonialism. It is not only our right, but also our responsibility to end this injustice.

Marwan Barghouthi is beginning to look very like Palestine’s own Mandela figure

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  • peepsqueek

    It is always OK to expose injustice anywhere, however there are [millions] of displace people doing without the basic necessities of life in Syria, Sudan, Yemen, etc. Many of the Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Kurdistan, and Egypt have not had access to essential medical care or vaccinations, and children have missed school for years. In Turkey, state-run camps for refugees have been called “model camps,” but they house only around 10% of the more than 2 million Syrians in Turkey. The Yemen conflict has resulted in mass displacement, with the direct bombing of schools, hospitals, and other civilian spaces, as well as the Saudi blockades of ports and humanitarian aid. Yet, in the midst of this monumental humanitarian crisis, Palestine and Palestinian prisoners get the lion’s share of attention by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Why?

    The entire Middle East is an apartheid region of the world with institutional apartheid, religious apartheid, sectarian apartheid, gender apartheid etc. Jews in Israel are the only ethnic minority and religious minority in the Middle East/North Africa with the full right of self determination.

    • Breon Connolly

      absolutely correct. You highlight the selective “cherry picking” of causes which in fact highlight an almost rabid disproportionate fixation on Israel…no protests or solidarity for the millions suffering elsewhere in the Middle East and beyond…Double standards, demonising and delegitimizing a recognised international country.

    • Nonsense, all the wars in the Middel East are connected to the Greater Israel pipedream. And the stupid US and EU keep sending their sons (and ridiculously enough, their daughters too) to slaughter and be slaughtered in countries that are none of their bloody business…

      • peepsqueek

        Kurd Net Daily Online News: 
”For years the 30 million Kurds spread across those territories have been the world’s largest ethnic group without an independent homeland. Only the Kurds in Iraq, who displaced Iraqi forces in the 1990s when a U.S. and British no-fly zone was in place against Saddam Hussein, have managed to carved out an area of real autonomy.”

        Coptic News: 
”Since Christianity came to Egypt in 57 A.D., we, the Christians of Egypt, have not had conflict with the Jewish people. Copts have been a marginal population held in captivity for sixteen centuries. We constitute the largest non-Arab, non-Moslem minority in the Middle East. The Church of Alexandria, is one of the oldest organizations in the Middle East. Despite this distinguished history, it is a church that has been under siege since the Islamic invasion.”

        Assyrian International News Agency (AINA):
”Keep in mind that these Christian minorities, the Assyrians, Armenians, Copts, are actually the original inhabitants of these areas with roots going back thousands of years before Christianity. What we’re seeing is a systematic attempt to cleanse the Middle East of its original inhabitants, this is a continuation of the genocide that took place in Ottoman Turkey in 1915.”

        Arab American Institute– Posted on April 15, 2017 in Washington Watch, by James J. Zogby
        “This year there will no Easter celebrations for Coptic Christians in Upper Egypt. Out of concern for their security and out of respect for the 45 Christians who were victims of two horrific suicide bombing attacks on Palm Sunday, their bishop declared that Easter services would be limited in his diocese to mass, “without any festivities”.”

        “That Holy Week began for Egyptians with news of those bombings served as a powerful reminder of the threats faced not only by Egypt’s Copts but by other Christian communities in the Arab World.”

  • A.S.F.

    They are two idiots over the “monkey no hear, monkey no speak, monkey no see” limit.