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Sudan and Ethiopia on alert for Egyptian military strike

Image of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia [file photo]
Image of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia [file photo]

Sudanese and Ethiopian forces operating on the border between the two countries are in place to prepare for any offensive that Egypt might launch against Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam on the River Nile, intelligence and security sources in Khartoum have revealed to MEMO.

The two armies have been alerted that the Egyptian air force now has the capability to strike the dam at a distance of up to 1,500 kilometres, following the purchase of 24 Rafale fighter jets from France. The Ethiopians have deployed long-range missiles around the dam as a precautionary measure and Sudan’s forces have been placed on standby.

The Renaissance Dam is being built to fulfil Ethiopia’s energy needs; it is on the Nile in the Benishagul Gumuz region. The project is opposed by Egypt, which believes that it will affect the flow of the great river and cause water shortages. The scheme is set to be the eighth largest dam in the world and has caused a major diplomatic row between the Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. After initial objections, Sudan supports the building of the reservoir behind the dam.

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Relations between Egypt and Ethiopia hit a low point in 2013 when Egyptian politicians inadvertently discussed sabotaging the dam in a live broadcast on state-owned television. A declaration of principles signed by the governments in Cairo, Khartoum and Addis Ababa has not helped to ease the tension. It is unclear whether the agreement will actually have any significant impact on the situation.
Reports published last week by Sudanese newspapers quoted members of an Eritrean opposition group who suggested that Egypt has made a secret deal to open a new naval base on Nora Island in the Red Sea off the coast of Eritrea, Ethiopia’s northern neighbour. The move has angered Addis Ababa, even though Egyptian military sources have denied any such plan.

  • estifanos abebe

    Habitual fake news by MEMO again. Mashallaha!

    • walkite

      It appears fake, engineered by the Ethiopian and the Sudanese or even the Egyptian regime to bolster their home base, which are shaky. It could also be to justify Sudanese and Ethiopian attack on the Ethiopian opposition. So the potential source has to be a government entity of either country or collaboration to distract the people from their misrule and to shore up a support base.

      Egypt has the military capacity to strike Ethiopia, but it will be foolish and futile, as Ethiopia can if necessary divert, and put up smaller dams and defend itself by marshalling support from anti-Egyptian sources such as Turkey, Israel etc.. It can also eventually create an ability to hit the Aswan dam which be more devastating to Egypt than the destruction of GERD.

  • tes tsegay

    That would be the End of Egypt do the ignorant arab think striking empty dam will harm ethiopia
    Ethiopia just need one long range missile to hit aswan Dam in Egypt the results will be Epic no more egypt

    • Tewo Tesfayi

      Dont be rude in your emotional response…and don’t Generalize as saying Arab ? what it shows all is how immature you are or you had personal problems with Arabs. Any way this is a fake news. conflicts will benefit no one , we will be stronger as Africans (black or Arabs ) when we work under the win win solution together, any Project in Africa should be seen as + or – which needs professional study as any project. so they all are working under this principles not lead by emotions but professionalism..

      • Lolla Tesfa

        i personally hate Arabs ..i lived with them for about 2 year …they are all animals ..specially when it comes to Ethiopian women

        • MisterSamsung Galaxy

          There are morons in every race. Just in different ratio’s. There are good people and bad people everywhere. Ethiopians are not Arabs. Read about Memnon the Ethiopian in Homer’s Illiad.

    • Abbas Ibrahim

      Ethiopia is no match to Egypt when it comes to military capabilities. With over 1000 fighting aircrafts, the Egyptian Air force is a formidable one and is the best in Africa.This is a fact. However, We Africans do not need war and the nile water could be used fairly by all concerned parties.

      • egirmao

        Egyptians could not even defeat a country of 3 million people.
        Shall I say a paper Tiger.

        • Abbas Ibrahim

          I am from Ethiopia by the way, and I am telling the truth. Your statement is a common myth that people used to utter when I was in Ethiopia. Any country would be as strong as the Jewish state if it were provided with the same amount of support.The issue now however is between Ethiopia and Egypt. If you google any website, you will learn the Egyptian power to be much superior as compared to any other country in Africa. The closest match would probably be Algeria and South Africa. That said, we don’t want any war between African countries. We have enough resources and we can live together. We don’t want to see any blood being shed by or either party. Especially, as an Ethiopian, we have suffered enough for too long, and the Ethiopian people deserve peace and happy coexistence.

          • egirmao

            What your point ? Are you asking Ethiopia to give up its
            sovereignty ?

          • Abbas Ibrahim

            I never said that.

          • Jesus Insudan

            First,in any military conflict there is no question about the importance of superior weaponry. But one cannot underestimate the importance of the will to fight. Ethiopians have shown this from antiquity. Surrounded and attacked by Muslim invaders and European colonizers, Ethiopia never bow down to aggressors. Second point you should consider is Ethiopia has the right to use its water in an equitable way. Egypt’s action to interrupt this will create enmity between these friendly people forcing Ethiopia to use it for irrigation and other agricultural activities which will decrease the amount of water flow. This will be even worse than the dam hurting the interest of Egypt. Hope this is a fake news.

          • MisterSamsung Galaxy

            This is fake news. Trying to stir the sh*t between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. This site is pro muslim brotherhood and Sisi is their nemesis.

          • Newk Tor

            Abbas, continue googling. Whatever your nationality, there is no time in history that Ethiopia is impressed by a line up of weaponary. In this case, even worse, it would be just suicidal because that would give Ethiopia a clear legitimacy even to block or divert the water for ever! Case closed.

          • Abbas Ibrahim

            “Newk Tor” I never said Ethiopia does not have the right on its own water. I just stated the fact the Egypt is simply more powerful than Ethiopia when it comes to military capabilities. It is the second recipient of billions of dollars in military aid after Israel. The Ethiopian people do not need war. Neither Egypt nor Ethiopian would afford to execute a war for an extended period of time. Do you understand what war is? I do, because I did witness fist hand the horrible demise of young people in 1977 Ethio-Somalia war. More than 70000 people died in the recent Ethio-Eritrean war for practically nothing. So all parties beating the drum of war and saying empty and useless nationalist rhetoric must be stopped.

          • Lolla Tesfa

            dude why are you arguing …weapon does not fight a war it human capability …if weapon could win war Hitler would have won WWII …or Egypt would have won a war with Ethiopia or Italy …it is only human commitment …look prsent day saudi vs Yemen ….plus all the weapon US provided to Iraqi military but defeated by rag tag terrorist called daesh (ISIS) BACK in 20014 and 15 ….

  • Lee

    It seems like MEMO is war mongering or are just bad journalists. Whenever you hear something like “intelligence and security sources”, without verifying the so-called sources and without dropping any names, you can usually count on them being fake. It’s also ridiculous to assume that if Egypt really wanted to stop the dam’s construction, that they would do something so obvious by purchasing Jets from France with long-range strike capability. Not to mention, why would they purchase jets from France when they get military support from the US? If Egypt wanted to stop the dam, they would go about it clandestinely. Besides, all parties are involved in negotiations at the moment. Any threatening move or words from either side regarding the Nile dam would ruin whatever progress has been made with the discussions. This story seems so random and fanciful. I wonder, what is MEMO’s agenda here?

    • Atwater

      Yes my brother, MEMO is just a Qatari funded muslim brotherhood outlet catered to english speaking idiots. Egypt and Ethiopia are stronger together, it will be tough but we will get there. We just have to concentrate, and ignore the targeted media campaign that uses youthful idiots in both our countries.

  • ZakSai

    The Ethiopian govt should delegate the task of safeguarding the Dam to any number of private American firms with ties to the Pentagon with sophisticated surface to air missiles like Stingers and so forth. It would have been wise to rely not on the Sam type Russian missiles for the Ethiopian govt for they are useless via a vis western machines I doubt if the Egyptian Junta will attempt such risky expedition for who knows what the powerful Ethiopian counterpart has in stash…… A scud missile or two …. for the North Koreans have been in Ethiopia four decades and counting

  • Tewo Tesfayi

    This must be a fake News : What Memo’s agenda is not clear as one commentator, Lee, has correctly put it .but an Egyptian from the opposition working for Memo could be responsible for this Bull sheet News.
    Especially we Africans or in General Countries will be benefited when they work collectively together not when they fight and being mutually destroyed in the hope that the winner might be benefited more? We are living in the 21 century ..Let alone Ethiopia , a country of warriors even a small country like Djoubutie cannot be ignored when you come to open conflicts.

  • Newk Tor

    The news seems to be just a fake justification by the corrupt weapon lobby for the huge sale, if true at all. I do not think that Egypt is suicidal to attack Ethiopia, for whatever weapon on earth.

  • Mez

    Hi everyone,
    Knowing how Egypt handled her past 100 year major 1) geopolitical game, 2) cold-wars and 3) major wars in Sinai against Israel, and in Yemen, 4) how disastrous it tailored its agricultural, industrial, human capital assets–there is a high probability that Egypt may–miscalculate again & –try to escalate from a diplomatic engagement to a war and confrontation mode of interaction; primarily against Ethiopia but inherently with all countries of the Nile Basin.

    The current a) stagflation of the economy (around 33%), b)internal strife with religious political currents within Egypt, c) the hang-over mentality of “solely we are Nile and Nile is us” d) The entrenched half truth of “Egypt is gift of Nile”–and not inherently acknowledging that “Nile is gift from upper Riparian countries”–are all driving factors to a varying degrees.

    For those people in Egypt who believe in war as a solution, instead of diplomatic win-win solution, Their best bet would be not to WIN a war; but rather 1) to disrupt the progress of the GERD construction by sending there some “flying objects” and getting the attention of the global media, 2) Most importantly: sway the Nile Basin negotiations from its current trend to “Egyptian way” of Nile Water use. This may further be underlined based on the itinerary and extensive diplomatic activity of the Egyptian president. Late last year and early this year, there was an intense lobbying of Nile Basin governments, inherently, against their own interests and in favour of Egypt. That activity culminated at the at the Entebbe Water Ministers meeting with a disastrous outcome for Egypt. Currently, the Egyptian President is doing shuttle diplomacy, mainly around the Gulf Countries; and this latest move may seem to be done having a military option in mind.

    To thwart such an eventuality, Ethiopia and the Sudan shall build a successive array of a) air and missile defense system from the northern frontier of Sudan Inward. b) capable and integrated radar system which enables to follow-up activities within the Egyptian airspace, since there is no way to perform such a mission without a prior eminent training and other ground preparation, c) waiting until someone knocks the vicinity of the GERD Dame will be unhelpful for Ethiopia and the Sudan……..

  • G Ahmed

    What we know is Israel is unable to defeat Egypt the only Arab nation that does not fall easily to Isreal. If Egypt can stop Israel at least for now. ETHIOPIA CANT. We must not be defeated but we will lose a lot, since Egypt with miliatry base in the Red Sea can not be underestimated. With 10 missiles Ethiopia will be smashed.

    • Lolla Tesfa

      dream on…and which war did you win with israel kkkkk…is it the six day war you started and lost in six day …it is still in genius record can you enlighten me which war …you should also remember it is only when Israel approves you can put military at Sinai(your land) poor Arab.

  • Atwater

    Ethiopian brothers and sisters, MEMO is just a muslim brotherhood outlet with Qatari money catered to english speaking idiots. Egypt and Ethiopia are stronger together, it will be tough but we will get there. We just have to concentrate, and ignore the targeted media campaign that uses youthful idiots in both our countries.

  • Adv Trek

    If you blow up the dam,10 million metric tons of concrete debris blocks and diverts the river path.


  • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

    memos a data mining intelligence agency branch.
    Seed them.
    Best way.

  • Hadas Zeka

    The dam on Nile is/should not be a source of conflicts if it was handled in a civilized manner. Or if Egypt abandons its old status co “unless Ethiopia is destabilized the flow of the Blue Nile is not guaranteed”.

    Saying that, as long as Africa is ruled under tyrannical dictators and mafia thugs who are clinging to power for life; just for looting and enriching themselves, there will be no shortage of other disasters.

    Western hypocrites and Neocolonialists who plundered Africa for hundreds of years brought to each African countries only backwardness, destruction, corruption, grinding poverty, terrorism, mass migration, hopelessness and chaos!

    By unconditionally supporting, funding, training and arming their corrupt brutal puppet thugs decades after decades, still continuing their destructive and greedy agendas toward developing world.

    The worst is, their puppets thugs are always destroying any free journalism, opposition party or civil society advocacy by harassing, throwing activists in to prison, torturing or killing. Destroying the political future of their countries!
    So, there will be a power vacuum after they are toppled by anarchy or unrest, which will be later filled only by military juntas, terrorists or the worst kind of rebels.
    When will be Africans awoke to the reality?
    This is the endless political cycle of Africa.

  • Mez

    Dear Aramis,

    Who told you that I am teg

    You are funny