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Libyan dies in clashes between militias in Tripoli

Libyan militia [Ahmet İzgi/Anadolu Agency]
Libyan militias [Ahmet İzgi/Anadolu Agency]

At least one person has died and a number of others were injured in the Libyan capital Tripoli yesterday following clashes between two rival local militias who are battling for control of the area.

The Nawasi Brigade, which controls the western area of the city, is trying to expand its sphere of influence and capture land governed by its rivals the Ghazewy Brigade, based in the Old City. The groups have also previously fought to protect their stakes in the black market.

The fighting broke out yesterday when a woman queueing at a bank off Martyrs’ Square was reportedly shot dead by one of the militias. Though it has not been made clear which militia shot the lady or which bank the incident occurred in, reports state a member of the Ghazewy group was arrested following the attack.

Though both groups geared up for an escalation in violence, the situation calmed down by the afternoon.

Libya has suffered regular outbreaks of violence between rival militias attempting to exert control of areas around the country.

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Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, arrived in Algeria yesterday to stress the close relations between both countries and to welcome “Algerian efforts to find efficient solutions to the crisis in Libya”.

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