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Morocco refuses to attend African summit due to Israel’s presence

Image of Morocco's King Mohammed VI [COP22/Twitter]
Morocco's King Mohammed VI [COP22/Twitter]

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry yesterday stated that King Mohammed VI has cancelled his attendance of the 51st Summit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) because Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has also been invited.

In a statement the ministry said King Mohammed VI had planned to visit the Liberian capital, Monrovia, on 3-4 June to attend the 51st ECOWAS Summit, which was expected to examine Morocco’s request to join the regional group as a full member.

The statement added that, “During this Royal visit, a meeting with the President of Liberia, talks with ECOWAS Heads of State and a speech at the Summit were all scheduled.”

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However, over the last few days, major ECOWAS member states have decided to reduce their level of representation at the summit, to the bare minimum, due to their disagreement with the invitation handed to the Israeli prime minister. The statement also noted that other member states also expressed their astonishment at this invitation.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement also mentioned that King Mohammed VI “does not want his first appearance at the ECOWAS summit to take place in a context of tension and controversy, and wants to avoid any confusion.”

During the summit, members of ECOWAS will decide on the admittance of Morocco as a full-fledged member of the regional bloc.

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  • Barry Graham

    Don’t keep fooling yourself you fake khazar jew, European khazar jews adopted Judaism in the year 740 AD and are not a semitic people the lie has been revealed.

    • Michael Abramov

      Mr. Graham, it is people like you who are the cause of anger and unrest due to your bottomless pit of ignorance. My family came from Samarkand and Kabul, not the Caucases. Secondly, it was the Hungarian Arthur Koestler who impregnated the minds of the gullible that the Ashkenazi Jews were the original converts of the brief kingdom of Khazaria. He was wrong then and he is still wrong. Now, go back to your studies and prove me wrong.

  • Michael Abramov

    Hmmmm… a very passionate response. I am forever confused as to why the word Apartheid constantly appears in the pro-Palestine lobby.

    I appreciate the West Bank negotiations are constantly dead-locked. One of the reasons maybe is the habit of Abbas coming to the table with pre-conditions that create immediate constipation……

  • betz55

    First…mike is it….you have no idea what my job is. Second, your quest to reduce this to Shia vs Sunni is misplaced and has no place although I am sure you would like to deflect to make it so. The Arabs lived quite peacefully in Palestine with all religions until a jewish state was mandated by the British and the Arabs/Palestinians were forced to accept thousand of jews who killed and now oppress them in the name of their religious superiority – a myth. The ‘refugees’ as you call them are the indigenous people of the area, the real refugees are the

    Statistics reveal that Israeli settler violence targeting Palestinians has increased by 88 percent this year. These settlers, who live on stolen Palestinian land, target Palestinians by killing and injuring them, destroying Palestinian property, and uprooting olive trees. Settlements and settlers are used to consolidate Israeli control and prevent Palestinians from living a life of dignity.

    We can either have international law or we can have Israel. Israel, which is a signatory to the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, is the primary post-Nuremberg example of the violation of the Convention. No one can possibly take international law seriously as long as white racist Euro Jews are given a pass to violate primary international law.

    • Michael Abramov

      Sir/Madam – I am grateful for your most comprehensive reply.

      Let me make it clear. From the Balfour Declaration until now, the issue has been that it was Jews that were being granted 18% of the mandated Palestine/Hashemite Kingdom. Had it been Egyptians or Tunisians being granted the right to a piece of land, I would be very doubtful that there would have been a problem.

      There is no such thing as an indigenous people of Palestine. The people known as Palestinians are a mish-mosh of Jordanians Lebanese and Egyptian. I have no problem with this. What I do have a problem with is the sudden rush to nationalism after 1948 by the Arabs who did not call themselves Palestinians until after 1967.

      I agree with you about the Israeli settlers in the West Bank. I have no time for these pseudo-religious Jews. Their behaviour is completely unacceptable to me as a Jew and a Zionist. On the other hand, you have omitted to mention the number of Jews in the West Bank that have been murdered by the local Arabs.

      You have also omitted to mention the intransigence of the Palestinian leadership in agreeing a peace deal. They have turned down over 20 offers for a deal.

      My point about Shia – V- Sunni is that when there is a peace deal, these two tribes will go to war and blame it on Israel and the Jews. The same old anti-Semitic diatribe.

  • Henri Veaudry

    Who gave the British the authority to hand Palestine over to the Rothchilds when it was not theirs to begin with?

    • Mike Abramov

      Who gave the British the right to Mandate Palestine in 1919?

      Who gave the right to the Ottomans to rule the land for 400 years?

      You don’t have a problem with the British or the Turks, but you do have a problem with the Jews.

  • Mike Abramov

    Jane – you are right. The word anti-Semite is a misnomer. However, the rest of your reply is absolute garbage. Your reply is littered with errors and omissions.

    In 2005, Israel returned Gaza to the Palestinians for nothing. By 2007, Hamas were in charge and since then they have screwed the Palestinians dry and turned Gaza is to a dump. Your omission

    Yes, members of the Stern Gang became respectable members of the Knesset. Israel is a legal state as per the UN vote of 1947. Your error.

    Palestinians have a militia, not a military. Your error

    Your sarcasm about Arabs speaking Arabic is quite childish. No comment.

    Your comment about ‘parasitic Jew children’ is contemptuous. This is not only an error, it is worthy of stating that you are probably an unsophisticated, uneducated, ignorant, pompous, juvenile, provincial idiot.

    I love people. Whether they are Arab or not is irrelevant. If you are going to state that you love Arabs you have 2 billion hands to shake. A completely irrational statement.

    Before you reply, if you do at all, do grow up a bit.

  • Mike Abramov

    Where on earth do you get your information from. The PA have turned down over 20 peace deals.

    • betz55

      Camp David was a failure based on Israeli insistence on a Palestinian bantustans, with the US and Israeli negotiators advocating Israeli needs instead of Palestinian rights according to international law.

      “We offered them everything and they refused” has long-since been discredited, and not just by the Palestinians. But also, among others, by former Israeli Foreign Minister and negotiator at Camp David, Shlomo Ben Ami, who said: “if I were a Palestinian I would have rejected Camp David, as well”.

      Israel proposed that 69 settlements, populated by 85% of West Bank settlers would be annexed by Israel. These settlements would reduce the Palestinian state by 10%, not to mention severely disrupt travel and daily life in the West Bank.

      Israel proposed “temporary control” of yet another 10% of land that housed the most extreme of settlers. Essentially this means that a foreign power would control the land of another sovereign nation.

      The remaining areas would be broken up by Israeli bypass roads and checkpoints, forcing Palestinians to live on bantustans or reservations (like South Africans or Native Americans), in a non-contiguous state.

      Palestinians were also expected to relinquish land considered most essential for trade and tourism.

      Israel would maintain very vital controls over Palestinian water, Palestinian borders, and Palestinian airspace.

      Anyone in their right minds would not have accepted such a ridiculous proposal that would continue to force millions of people to live as slaves.

      • Mike Abramov

        Let me make it clear. The Bantustan concept was in respect to South Africa and therefore propagates the theory that Israel is an Apartheid state. This is the left-wing stance based purely on the utterances of Desmond Tutu upon his return to RSA. He owed a lot to the left-wing in RSA who supported the Blacks to the dissolve of Apartheid but, you are not comparing like-for-like.

        In 1947 the Zionists happily accepted 18% of the allocation of the land for the Jews.. The Arabs wanted none of that and went to war…and lost. Israel gained more ground. In 1967, the Arabs went to war again…and lost. Israel gained more ground

        Had the Arabs accepted the UN partition of 1947, this situation would never have happened. However, the Arabs made it quite clear that they did not want a Jewish land in the ME, but they did not have a problem with the British Mandate (Jew free) and the Ottomans (Jew free)

        in a nutshell, this was all avoidable at outset. However, you have overlooked the 1.5 million Arabs that live quite happily in Israel. Why?

        • betz55

          It is 2017, nor 1947. Stop with the semantics, it only makes you look stupid. 1.5 million israel Arabs ? Please stay on topic about Palestinians, the Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza.

          On this centennial anniversary of the Balfour declaration there is the following ugly truth about the Zionist Jewish entity in Palestine – that Zionism is all about Jewish supremacy:
          By the time the Balfour Declaration was finalized, thirty-plus years of Zionist settlement had made clear that the Zionists intended to ethnically cleanse the land for a settler state based on racial superiority

          Israel is simultaneously running three systems of government.
          The first is full democracy toward its Jewish citizens — ethnocracy.
          The second is racial discrimination toward the Palestinian minority — creeping Jim Crowism.
          The third is occupation of the Palestinian territories with one set of laws for Palestinians and another for Jewish settlers — apartheid.

          Even more fundamentally, demographic trends mean that Israel can’t have it all.
          It can’t be a Jewish state, a democratic state, and a state in control of its whole mythologial land.
          It can only have two of its objectives at a time.
          Israel can be Jewish and territorial — but not democratic.
          Or it can be democratic and territorial — but not Jewish.
          Or finally, it can be Jewish and democratic — but not territorial.

          Israel, and you, will need to accept a Palestinian state and start respecting the right of the people who occupied the land before you or you will not have peace. The burden is on Israel.U.N. Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 (which Israel had helped draft) which provided for “withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent [1967] conflict” in exchange for peace and security.

  • Mike Abramov

    Madam/Sir – you have a problem. See a psychiatrist.

  • Amanda Kavanagh

    Palestine has always been a country.
    Even that hateful b*tch Golda Meir (a UKRAINIAN) sent postcards with PALESTINE as the country she illegally squatted in.
    Ludicrous you would say violence has never been the answer.
    It was the parasitic joos who hung two British soldiers, then loaded their corpses with explosives in order to kill those tasked with cutting the bodies down.
    We all know the joos did 9/11
    tic tock tic tock ..’israel’s’ days are numbered.
    You can thank israelis for the astounding rise of hatred against jews.

    • Mike Abramov

      Amanda – you are either ignorant or just plain nasty…or both. If you have a problem with Jews, you have psychological problems. People are either good or not so good. Whether they are Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims or Hindus is irrelevant. You must judge people as you find them and not by race, creed, colour or religion.

      I am not offended by what you have said because i think you need help. Go and speak to a professional person who can guide you away form the thoughts you have and look for love and not hate.

      • Jane Paxman

        you were right on one point – I have a problem with jews
        jews are a clear and deliberate threat to all non jews – I listened as jews openly talked about the goy’s only purpose in life is to serve the jews
        we need our own sayanim
        we will all become Palestinians if we don’t take a stand and unite

        you comment on here a lot … threatened the truth get’s out?
        too late, Micha.. the word is spreading that israelis are murdering savages ..and the jews who support them, are no better

        • Mike Abramov

          Judging by your grammar, lack of capital letters for real nouns and a content that comes from a person with a low IQ means that this post does not merit any comment. Good-bye.

      • Amanda Kavanagh

        Perhaps you should tell your fellow jews not judge people based on whether or not people are jews or goyim.
        No other group calls “others” ‘goyim’ … do they Mike?
        No other group feels the need to create an illegal racist ‘state’ exclusively just for them.
        jews do, however.
        Save the drama and self-righteousness.
        You should in fact feel shame.

        israelis is the term used to label savage lying, murdering, and thieving jews.

        Palestine always and forever.

        • Mike Abramov

          You are obviously quite young or just ignorant. In Hebrew, the word Goy means a national. Goyim is the plural. In English, you refer to different types as foreigners.

          Maybe you should look at some other Me countries. The endless persecution of the Kurt’s, the murder of Shia Muslims in the KSA…..

          You have proved one point. The BDS movement mimics the Nazis of 1933. Are you a closet Nazi?

    • Mike Abramov

      Oh….I forgot to add, where is your proof that Palestine was a sovereign state?

      • Amanda Kavanagh

        the term I used was ‘country’.
        I never claimed Palestine was ‘a sovereign state’.
        I will never claim israel as being either.

        • Mike Abramov

          You talk about Palestine as if it was a sovereign state. I have noticed that you are quite a private person. I presume you are more of a follower than a leader…… A sheep maybe?

          • Amanda Kavanagh

            I talk about Palestine as a country, which it is.
            As for privacy, knowing what I do about Mossad and the parasitic sayanims .. it is smarter to protect oneself, when one in a non-jew.
            It isn’t the Muslims that people need to be wary off.
            Not a coincidence that ISIS stands for the israeli secret ‘intelligence’ is it. mike?
            Lolo, did you think I’d be offended by calling me a sheep?

  • andrew

    Israel has a big problem worth considering it has ill defined borders so without any borders groups like Hamas and Hezbollah can defend their frontiers since Israel sees it upon itself to have air supremacy in the region. Israel could strike Iran tomorrow or any Arab country. So this pits Israel against all its neighbours and abandons regional security in favour of Israel’s own territorial integrity.

  • mrsbrown andhercat

    Since when is Israel in Africa?