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6 Qatari soldiers wounded on Saudi border with Yemen

Image of Qatar and Saudi flags [File photo]
Qatar and Saudi flags [File photo]

Qatar’s defence ministry said on Saturday that six Qatari soldiers were wounded on duty on the Saudi border with Yemen.

The ministry’s Directorate of Moral Guidance said in a statement that the six soldiers were wounded “while fulfilling their duty among the Qatari forces defending” the southern Saudi border.

The injuries occurred at a time when “the Qatari armed forces stationed in the southern Saudi border… were carrying out their continued heroic duty, along with their brethren, of defeating enemy forces on Saudi territory,” the directorate added in its statement.

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Qatar has been part of a Saudi-led coalition fighting the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen. Qatar’s role in the coalition started with contributing 10 warships, followed by the deployment of 1,000 Qatari ground troops in September 2015 in Yemen along with advanced equipment.

This morning, five Arab states, including Saudi and Yemen, severed ties with Qatar demanding its citizens leave their borders within 14 days.

Qatar Airways has today suspended all flights to Saudi Arabia.

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