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Right-wing Israeli MK: ‘Palestinians were here before Jews’

Moshe Gafni, right-wing Israeli MK [Twitter]
Moshe Gafni, right-wing Israeli MK [Twitter]

A right-wing member of Israel’s Knesset has recognised that Palestinians existed on land now occupied by Israel before Jews came to the country.

In the first statement of its kind issued by a right-wing leader, United Torah Judaism party

Member, Moshe Gafni, said:

Israel has no right to negotiate with the Palestinians because they were here before it and the Jews drove them out of their land.

“The important thing is for Israel to be a Jewish state. Apart from that, we have no right to conduct negotiations with the Palestinians because they were here before us and we expelled them from here,” Arutz Sheva reported him saying.

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  • Will LeBlanc

    No support for Israel.

  • Actually, the Israelite tribes were here before the Arabs were…unless he means purely the modern-day Israeli Jews, not their ancestors.

    • Helen4Yemen

      95% of world Jewry = Ashkenazi = 99.9% European = 0% Middle Eastern?
      Did you get that?

      Neil Gaiman:

      “According to 23andme, genetically I am
      99.6% Ashkenazi,
      0.3% unspecified European,
      0.1% East Asian. ”
      Total European = 99.9%
      Total Middle East = 0.0%

      replace * with .

    • DEADP00L

      Arabs of the Levant are the Israelite. They scattered and converted to other faiths and married other tribes all the time. Same with Assyrians and Phoenicians etc. Ancient peoples arent extinct, whether people want to admit it or not. Palestinians have Hebrew in them a lot more than say Lieberman ever will. It takes integrity to speak such truths today.

    • Jeffboy

      Actually the American indian was here first, so lets put everyone else on Long Island. This issue needs to deal with here and now and live together in peace.

      • Tim Granite

        That’s not an entirely crazy idea.

      • Helen4Yemen

        Why go to ancient history of Native Americans?
        How about going to 1962 when the French were removed from Algeria
        and 1967 when the British were removed from Yemen? Europe solved
        its Jewish Question at the expense of the Arabs and that resentment
        will never go away? White Europeans now love their white Jews and
        time for them to live side by side in peace.

    • evsw

      The Israelite tribes weren’t the first either, so really the ‘Arabs’ with their mixed genealogy, which include elements from all the civilisations and nations that conquered the ‘Holy Land’, are the rightful heirs not the European Ashkenazim and Sephardim.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The European needs to understand that Palestine is not
    his grandmother’s land. He is European with a confirmed
    DNA result of 99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern.
    Let him go to his grandmother’s land of Lithuania
    and erect a Jewish-only state. Also understand that the
    Palestinian Muslims and Christians descended from the
    Jews of ancient times. Religion does not alter one’s genetic
    or racial make up.

  • John the Savage

    He still believes that Israel is right to kick out the Palestinians because it is a Jewish state.

  • neluroman

    The Jews came to Palestine at some time between the Xth and the XIIth century BCE. That is a long time, and it is absolutely normally that we today are able to identify several kings and queens of Jewish extract. If Palestinians were in Palestine before the Jews it is also absolutely normal to assume that the Palestinians too have had a lot of kings and queens along their “long” history. But, wow!!! I can’t remember any Palestinian king or queen. Can someone help me to fix this matter?