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Jewish fanatics torture, try to kill 8-year-old boy in West Bank

Image of eight-year-old Palestinian, Bashar Ghazal, who was handcuffed and injured by Israeli settlers []
Image of eight-year-old Palestinian, Bashar Ghazal, who was handcuffed and injured by Israeli settlers []

A Palestinian child from Beit Furik town in Nablus survived certain death on Wednesday after Jewish settlers kidnapped and tortured him inside their settlement.

Local sources told reporters that eight-year-old Bashar Ghazal was found in the illegal Itamar settlement, handcuffed and injured as a result of his exposure to severe torture at the hands of extremist settlers.

The sources added that the Israeli occupation army handed over the boy to the Palestinian Authority liaison office on Wednesday night, confirming that the settlers brutally tortured the child and burned his skin with molten plastic.

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The boy, who is mute, was reported missing by his family in the morning after his father died.

This case is by no means peculiar. In July 2014, a group of settlers kidnapped and burnt alive a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, in East Jerusalem.

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  • doctorbri43

    I am of Jewish descent and unequivocably believe that the land belongs to Palestinians of whatever ethnic origin i.e. Arabs, Druze, Bedouin as well as those of various religious beliefs including Muslims, Christians and a small number of Jews. There are an increasing number of what you term “good Jews” who understand full well the Zionist propaganda that has stolen the land of Palestine from its indigenous people

    • disqus_dmukTWgNMk

      I am pleased with your belief, however, how many Jews such as yourself believe the same? are they willing to stand up and be counted? and finally if so what is your contribution to ending this Terror In terms of your post.?

  • doctorbri43

    Where is your evidence for this? If none, have you just made it up?

    • robert affinity

      Not sure if my link will be approved by monitor or not.
      Just in case: google his name Bashar Ghazal and you can find newspaper report. Peace.

  • robert affinity

    I googled his name. apparently, he was abused by Palestinians and went to Jews for help. They gave him food and water and then the PA took him back and put out fake news story he was kidnapped.

  • robert affinity

    “Palestinian” is a label that mostly referred to Jews for a few thousand years until the 1960’s.

    • Helen4Yemen

      You mean the Mileikowsky’s were referred to as “Žydų” in Lithuania but the moment the Lithuanians started to squat on stolen Arab land they became Palestinians? And when they went back to Lithuania, were they back to “Žydų”?

  • robert affinity

    Even Ancient Egyptians wrote and painted the people, quite light skinned. And yes, also light skinned Arabs exist. Please don’t be racist.