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UN observers in Israeli-occupied Golan come under fire

June 27, 2017 at 2:14 pm

UN observers stationed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights were almost struck by stray fire from across the Syrian border, according to a Monday statement issued by the Israeli army.

“Searches conducted in the area revealed bullet holes from heavy machine gun fire in a UNDOF [United Nations Disengagement Force] post located next to the border,” the statement read.

According to the same statement, no injuries were reported among UNDOF personnel.

Over the last two days, Israel has attacked two separate Assad regime positions in Syria’s southwestern Quneitra province in ostensible retaliation for regime violations in the buffer zone separating Syria from the occupied Golan Heights.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that the self-proclaimed Jewish state would “not tolerate” cross-border fire – of any kind – into its territory.

“Our policy is clear,” Netanyahu asserted, adding:

We will not tolerate any kind of ‘trickle’ – from mortars, rockets or spillover fire – on any front

A 1974 disengagement agreement between Syria and Israel established a cease-fire line separating the Israeli-occupied Golan from a Syria-administered buffer zone. The agreement also called on both countries to refrain from taking any military action in the area in line with UN Security Council Resolution 339 of 1973.

There are current 789 peacekeeping troops stationed in the occupied Golan Heights, with a further 158 civilian support personnel.